Does prehistoric civilization exist? From the underground tunnel to the doomsday bunker, what is the message to us?

In the process of human development, many human civilizations were born, and scientists discovered many mysterious underground tunnels in the process of archaeology. There is a mysterious tunnel hidden under the South American continent. This mysterious tunnel also has thousands of guardians. These guardians are the local Indians. In their culture, it is the gods they believe in that let them wait here for generations.

The legend of underground tunnel

Many people have explored the civilization of this tunnel. Some people think that at that time, human beings could not build a good tunnel. Maybe this tunnel was built by aliens. It’s just that Indians regard them as gods, and some people think that geocentric people live in the depths of this tunnel. Geocentric people used to live on the earth. Due to the war of alien civilization, they had to go back to the depths of the earth to survive. This tunnel is the entrance to the underground world. Of course, these are all conjectures. Today, there are still many controversies. Today we are talking about a doomsday bunker.

Doomsday bunker

This doomsday castle is located in the Cheyenne mountains of the United States. It used to be a huge military base. If there is a serious disaster on the earth, then this military base is a haven for scientific researchers and leaders. After they move here, they can go in to conduct research and command the reconstruction work. In other words, this doomsday castle is what we call doomsday command Heart.

Defense capability of doomsday bunker

Many people may have doubts. If there is a major disaster on the earth, how can they ensure that they can escape to this castle? This mountain range itself is a kilometer thick granite, and you must know 10 points about its hardness. When scientists built this base, they had done experiments. This base is able to block the explosion of atomic bombs, so the scale of this doomsday Castle should not be underestimated.

This doomsday castle is a completely closed environment. It not only has a command center on land, but also has very safe refuge measures. In this castle, scientists have built a 22000 ton reservoir. In addition to sufficient water resources, scientists have also prepared a large number of materials here, which can accommodate 800 people to survive and take refuge here. According to the data of scientists, the bunker can withstand 30 nuclear bombs, which means that an earthquake of magnitude 10 or above and 1500 Hiroshima atomic bombs are not enough to blow it up.

Seeing this, we have to admire the superb wisdom of human beings. If the earth is really facing a severe disaster, can we rebuild human civilization when we escape here?

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