Does prehistoric civilization exist? Scientists give three reasons, or can directly deny it!

Scientists give three reasons, scholars who support the existence of prehistoric civilization, instant face!

Compared with the universe, the earth’s 4.6 billion year history is very young, just like a young man in his prime. For carbon based life, such a long time is enough to develop civilization for several years, and the world is constantly changing. There have been differences in the discussion of prehistoric civilization. Some people think that prehistoric civilization really exists, while some scientists hold opposing opinions. No matter which viewpoint they support, they all give reasons.

If prehistoric civilization really exists, why has human beings been searching for it for so long without any results? Are they hiding themselves, or are they not. When scientists think about problems, they always think about all aspects. Science pays attention to the basis. Those scientists who are against it give three reasons. Those scholars who support the existence of prehistoric civilization fall into silence. What are the three reasons? Scientists give three reasons, scholars who support the existence of prehistoric civilization, instant face!

Three reasons for the non existence of prehistoric civilization

First of all, human beings have not found traces of prehistoric civilization exploiting energy. In principle, if prehistoric civilization existed, it would have a longer history than human beings. At that time, they would certainly have learned to exploit energy, such as oil and natural gas. However, scientists did not find that these energy sources had been exploited on a large scale. Its formation period was about 300 million years ago, and oil was 500 million years ago. If we calculate according to this time period, it is almost impossible to have prehistoric civilization from 500 million years ago to now, because these resources have not been exploited.

The second reason is that no trace of prehistoric civilization has been found outside the earth. Human beings have explored outer space, frequently launched probes and satellites, and observed with telescopes. They have not found any abnormality in the universe, nor any sign of prehistoric civilization activities. It is reasonable to say that if they exist in a certain corner of the universe, they are bound to leave traces, but human beings have searched for this For a long time, I didn’t find any of it. I didn’t find any of the objects and buildings left over from that year.

The last reason is that human beings have not found radioactive nuclear waste. If prehistoric civilization existed, they may have used nuclear energy for a long time. The large-scale use of these nuclear energy will produce nuclear waste. However, scientists have not found the existence of nuclear waste. It is possible that prehistoric civilization is too far away, and these radioactive elements have gradually disappeared. However, not every radioactive element can last for such a long time. It is possible that prehistoric civilization has a long history Nuclear energy has never been used, and it can be preliminarily determined that it may never exist on the earth.

These are all judged by the amount of knowledge that scientists have. Whether prehistoric civilization exists or not is highly controversial in the industry, because scientists can’t directly deny him, but they can’t confirm his real existence. Everything is in a bold guess. Based on these three reasons, we may be able to judge whether prehistoric civilization really does not exist. Of course, some people still don’t believe it. What do you think Does the legendary prehistoric civilization really exist on the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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