Does prehistoric civilization really exist? There are a lot of huge stone jars in Laos plain. Who left them?

The existence of prehistoric civilization has always been an unsolved mystery in the scientific community. With the progress of scientists’ archaeological work, many people believe that the problem of money is real. They found that many unexpected objects were left behind during the billions of years of the development of the earth. Scientists have found a large number of giant stone tanks in the QAR plain of Laos. After seeing these giant stone tanks, many people naturally associate them with prehistoric giants. What’s the matter?

Stone vat in Laos plain

In Lao, “char” means stone urn. When some people see these densely arranged stone vats, they will think of Stonehenge in England and Easter Island stone statues in Chile. This is also an unsolved mystery in the world. As early as 70 years ago, French archaeologists discovered these huge stone tanks in the char plain of Laos. In the 1960s, the United States also launched a war against Vietnam. As a result, Laos, which is close to Vietnam, left many bombs and mines, which still plagues the local government. So scientists’ exploration of stone jars is full of frustrations. The number of stone jars on this plain ranges from 90 to 200. The shapes of these stone jars are different. Some stand on the plain, while others fall on the plain.

After seeing these huge stone jars, scientists also tested their age. They found that the age when they first appeared is 2500 years ago. To their surprise, the materials of these stone jars are actually granite or limestone, which is not produced in Laos. Therefore, scientists speculate that these huge stone VATS may have been built in other places, and then he came to this plain. However, a new problem has arisen. The traffic here is extremely inconvenient. How did these huge stones come from?

Who left the stone jar?

Since the discovery of these huge stone vats, there have been many controversies. It is still unknown what these stone vats are used for. Although the local people also have their own views, there is no accurate unified answer at present. Scientists once analyzed the sequence of these stone jars. They found that there was no rule to speak of, so they abandoned the legend of local people. The reason why these stone jars stand on this plain is likely to be human daily necessities. But the volume of these stone tanks is too large. Are they used by prehistoric giants?

When we look at the ancient Chinese and foreign historical books, we will find that the giant kingdom is mentioned in the book of mountains and seas in China and Gulliver’s travels abroad. In the 1850s, scientists also found many giant human fossils in the valleys of Turkey. According to the research of scientists, the bones of these fossils are very similar to human bones, but they are much larger than human thighs. Just a big leg bone fossil can reach 120 cm. If calculated according to this ratio, the height of this fossil should be 5 cm About 100 meters.

In 1991, a miner found a huge mummy in a cave in the United States. The mummy was 2.2 meters tall. Since then, scientists have been investigating the giant family. Although many scientists went to Shandong to investigate at that time, the caves at that time had been destroyed, and only some remains of bones and fossils were found.

When we see these objects that should not have appeared on the earth, we will also feel strange. Did giants appear on the earth before the appearance of human beings? Why did these giants disappear suddenly when they lived thousands of years ago? So far, there are no accurate answers to these questions, and scientists are still in the process of tireless research. Although most of the pre civilization is a fraud, and the evidence is only forged by human beings, we prefer to believe that it has something or not. In order to get an accurate answer, we must speak with facts. I don’t know what you think when you see these giant stone tanks?

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