Does reincarnation really exist? Scientists carry out experiments, or soul exists in this form!

Human beings live on the earth, and death is doomed. In ancient times, when science and technology were not developed, people believed that there was reincarnation after death. Because of the existence of reincarnation, human beings are not afraid of death. From many ancient myths, human beings believe in reincarnation. Only in this life of kindness and hard work can we usher in the next reincarnation. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, many people think that this is just the psychological comfort left by human beings in the long process of evolution. There is no reincarnation in life. Is this really the case?

The human body is made up of particles

If we explore it from a scientific point of view, human beings actually have the theory of reincarnation. The mysteries of human body are endless. Cells are the basis of life. Cells constantly divide and differentiate, thus evolving various tissues and organs. These organs perform their duties and work together to maintain the life activities of the human body. When humans die, these organs stop working. Human beings are composed of a large number of particles, so when the human body loses its vital characteristics, a large number of particles will decompose to all parts of the world.

People lose weight after death


Scientists have done such experiments to test this view. They went to the hospital to look for several 10 dying people as volunteers. They weighed their weight before and shortly after death respectively, and finally found that the weight of these 10 volunteers had changed. After human death, their weight would be reduced by 21g, which is the particles formed by the decomposition of human cells, which is what we call the soul. The next parasite in the universe will come into being again.

Scientists have verified the existence of reincarnation at the genetic level

Therefore, the human body dies out after death, but the soul continues to exist in the world in the form of particles and reincarnates. Scientists have carried out experiments on this, and according to the research results, humans will reincarnate once in 150 years, so they focus on genes. People who died 150 years ago have more than 99% genetic similarity to those who are born now. Scientists believe that the soul through the quantum form into the universe, re attached to the body of the newborn baby.

Many people are skeptical about gene identification

Many people do not agree with such a result. It is arbitrary to judge the existence of reincarnation only from the perspective of gene. There are 7 billion people on earth. Many people have high genetic similarity. Even gorillas have very similar genes to humans. Therefore, reincarnation can not be verified from the genetic level.

With the current level of science and technology, we can not get an accurate answer to whether reincarnation exists. But from the quantum level, the human soul, that is, thinking, will never die. They will exist in the universe in the form of quantum. We can’t see, touch or detect their existence. Do you think reincarnation exists?

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