Does soul and reincarnation really exist? Scientists have found that babies don’t produce consciousness until six months old

All living things on earth cannot escape the connection between birth, aging and death, especially death. I believe a lot of people are afraid. After all, we humans have many unknowns about death!

Where will our lives go after their death? Does the soul really exist? I believe that no scientist has given a clear answer to all this.

Of course, according to Buddhism, people have souls, but this is only a religious statement. Even in ancient China, there were stories of worshiping gods and ghosts.

Not only that, in ancient Chinese myths and legends, there are Mengpo soup and hell. Even after drinking Mengpo soup, a new life will begin. So does soul really exist in science?

Some scientists believe that the soul exists. After all, some scientists have done experiments before and think that the weight of the soul is only 0.2 milligrams. Of course, this measurement standard is not accurate, it may be due to the gas!

Of course, scientists also cite other examples to prove that our human consciousness exists. For example, the brain remains active after the heart stops beating.

Although there is no clear evidence to prove the existence of consciousness, it is enough to prove that the human brain is still active after the heart stops beating.

Of course, scientists have found that babies don’t seem to be conscious after birth, and human consciousness doesn’t exist until six months old. Moreover, with the continuous growth, consciousness becomes stronger and stronger.

It also shows that human consciousness does not exist at birth, but is formed through learning and hard work. Does this mean that human consciousness does not exist in samsara, nor does it exist?

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