Does soul really exist? Scientists do experiments with particle accelerators in order to verify the truth

For ghosts and gods, Xiaobian believes that many people think this is nonsense. After all, from a scientific point of view, there is no soul in the world.

The reason why there are such phenomena and myths and legends in ancient times is that the level of science and technology at that time was not developed enough, so some phenomena in nature could not be explained, and such legends have been handed down.

So does the soul really exist? In order to verify the truth of this puzzle, scientists have done experiments with quantum accelerators. What is the result of the experiment?

Of course, there are many strange events in nature, which can not be explained by science at all. This shows that our science and technology has not developed to 10 points! However, British scientists have done experiments on whether the soul really exists. Let’s see what happened.

The so-called virtual world, and we all know that there is false energy!

But according to the law of conservation of energy, even the ethereal soul must exist in the form of energy, so scientists use the particle collider to prove whether the soul really exists. After all, if there is, there will be energy.

The final result of the experiment is thought to disappoint many people. That is to say, no matter what is found in the experiment related to the soul, even a little fluctuation does not lead to the conclusion that the soul does not exist in our life. It is just a legend!

This also enables us to apply Mr. Lu Xun’s saying that there is no soul in the world. Only when more and more people believe in the soul, the illusion of the soul will gradually appear. In fact, all these are formed by people’s psychological and subconscious activities!

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