Does “soul” really exist? The scientists made three experiments and got the answer

We should all know the word “three souls and seven Spirits”. This is the Taoist View of human soul in China. They believe that human spirit can be called soul. There are three kinds of soul, namely, heaven soul, earth soul and life soul. There are seven kinds of soul. They are Tianchong, Linghui, Qi, Li, central, Jing and Ying, respectively referring to joy, anger, sadness, fear, love, evil and desire. If the human body dies, then the seven spirits will disappear.

Although there are many opinions about the soul, the question of whether the soul really exists has been puzzling us from the beginning to the end.

Some people never believe in any theory of ghosts and gods, but if the soul does not exist, how to explain the strange phenomena that have happened? For example, taking supernatural photos, being possessed by ghosts, dreaming of dead relatives telling themselves things, and so on. So, in order to solve this mystery, scientists have set out. They have decided to use modern scientific methods to verify the existence of the soul.

The weight of the soul

There is an American doctor named Duncan McDougall. In order to verify the real existence of the soul, he made an experiment to measure the weight of the soul. In April 1907, he published a research paper on “the hypothesis that the soul is a substance and uses experiments to prove the existence of the substance of the soul” in the Journal of American medicine.

He asked six researchers, four of them were tuberculosis patients, one was diabetic coma patients, and one was not recorded. For these experimenters, Duncan designed a bed mounted on a very sensitive scale. The test method is to let the dying person lie on it, and then accurately measure the weight of the person all the time to see the weight change at the moment of death. The instant of death is lightened partly because the lost part of death is called the weight of soul.

Duncan observed a dying man suffering from tuberculosis for 3 hours and 40 minutes. In this short period of time, the patient’s weight decreased slowly, about 28.3495 grams per hour. However, this is not the weight of the soul, it is caused by the evaporation of body fluid.

Then Duncan adjusted the balance of the scale to close to the upper limit bar to expect the drop at the time of death. Then, at the moment of death, the pointer of the scale quickly dropped to the lower limit bar of the scale and did not bounce back. At this moment, the weight of the scale dropped by 21.26g. Therefore, through this example, the saying that the soul weighs 21g was born.

However, for the other five subjects, the experiment was not very smooth, so the desired data was not measured. So the idea of 21g soul was soon overturned. The reason why 21g soul was reduced was probably due to the error of measuring equipment at that time, or the convection between bacteria in the human body and the air on the scale, which affected the pointer.

God helmet experiment

Therefore, people turn their eyes to other test methods. “God helmet experiment” is another kind of experiment to measure the soul. This is a neurotheological experiment by Michael bosinger, a neuroscientist at Lawrence University in Canada. Michael asked the participants to put on a modified motorcycle helmet, and then the magnetic field began to stimulate the brain.

He claimed that in this way, the participants had a near death experience, such as light, God’s appearance, and meeting the deceased relatives. However, the participants also said that they were very disappointed because they did not experience what they wanted. But in any case, this way is very dangerous for people, because excessive magnetic stimulation can cause protein changes, cause memory loss, and even threaten life safety.

The Reincarnation Experiments

Although both experiments deny the existence of the soul theory, Australian psychologist Peter Ramster made a documentary called the experiment of reincarnation of the soul in 1983, which recorded a woman recalling her life during the French Revolution. In a trance state, this person can speak fluent French and has no accent. She answers the questions in French and knows the names of some old streets, which have been changed and can only be found on the old map.

However, some people have raised doubts and refutations. They think that the information can be found and recorded in advance, so it is not so true.

As for these three experiments, Xiaobian thinks that it is the same sentence “believe it or not”. However, it is undeniable that there are many unsolved mysteries in the world. We can’t decipher them through our current scientific and technological means. We can only hope that scientists will find something in the future.

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