Does the “crosser” exist? These two 19th century oil paintings, appeared “smart phone”!

Nowadays, our living standard is rising rapidly, all kinds of intelligent products come into our life, and human beings will soon enter the intelligent era. In the past, we could only rely on letters to communicate. In fact, only 20 years later, smart phones have become a must-have item for people. The first smart phone in the world should have been made by IBM in 1993, but scientists once found that traces of suspected smart phones were found in two oil paintings in the 19th century. Is this true?

“Mobile phone” in women’s hands in oil painting

This oil painting was painted by a painter in the 19th century. This work shows us the beautiful rural scenery. On the country road, a woman in a skirt is walking down the road, holding something similar to a smart phone. If we observe carefully, we can see that there seems to be a reflection on the girl’s chest. Is it really a smart phone in her hand?

This discovery has caused a lot of discussion. How could smart phones have appeared in the 19th century? If it’s not a mobile phone, what would it be? Netizens have speculated that this lady is the legendary passer-by? In addition to this painting, there is a controversial work in the 19th century, Mr. Pynchon and living in Springfield, which depicts the Native Americans and colonists in the 17th century.

“Mobile phone” in man’s hand in oil painting

On the left side of the painting, there are several men carrying bows and arrows. In the middle, a man in pink is talking with the people behind him. If you don’t look at it carefully, there is nothing special about this painting. What attracts the attention of scientists is the man kneeling at the bottom of the picture. He is naked upper body, right hand holding a black cuboid object, is concentrating on looking at the object. Mobile phone is as like as two peas in the mobile phone.

The beauty in oil painting“


Is it really a coincidence that these two 19th century paintings have traces of suspected smartphones? This coincidence aroused the interest of netizens, and scientists also tried to uncover the secrets of the two paintings. They believe that the smartphone in their hands may be just the Bible. In order to carry the Bible with us, believers will make them small and easy to carry, which leads to our illusion. But netizens are not satisfied with this conjecture. They found the trace of UFO in another oil painting. This oil painting is an antique from 1486. The shape of the UFO is oval, which is very similar to what we call UFO.

So when they saw the painting, they not only doubted the scientists’ statement. They think that the things in these paintings may not be coincidence, or that there are really phenomena that we can’t explain in the changing earth. Some people say that maybe they are really time and space traversers, just caught by painters. What do you think?

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