Does the end of life mean “end”? The answer given by scientists is frightening

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In the 13.7 billion years since the birth of the universe, a large number of things have emerged, among which the most complex and mysterious should be life. So what is life? Our general definition of life is that life refers to an individual who can complete his own growth, reproduction, metabolism and other biological functions by exchanging materials and energy with the outside world, and can adapt to the changes of the external environment and make stress response.

The world is made up of materials. Everything, including life, is made up of various materials. What are the materials that make up life? In many people’s view, life is composed of microscopic cells, genes, DNA and so on. In fact, this kind of cognition is not completely correct.

The core of life is consciousness. What is consciousness? There is no definite answer yet. Like dark matter, it is a mysterious thing that we can’t see or touch at present. Any life has a certain consciousness, whether it’s animals or plants, whether it’s simple life, such as bacteria and viruses, or advanced life like human beings, they all have consciousness, but the strength of consciousness is different.

The consciousness of plants, bacteria and other living bodies is very weak, while the consciousness of complex animals is relatively strong. The consciousness of advanced intelligent living bodies like human beings is even more mysterious and complex. As the only intelligent life on earth, human consciousness is also the most powerful. At the same time, human consciousness has more secrets that we don’t know.

Life body can be said to be a combination of visible physical body and invisible mysterious consciousness. For example, human beings are intelligent life composed of visible bodies and invisible mysterious consciousness. Any life must follow a basic law, that is, life and death.

Even the advanced intelligent life like human beings will face the fate of death in the future from the moment of birth. Life and death is the law that every life can not escape. Other life bodies can naturally comply with the will of heaven, comply with the rules, and wait for the arrival of death in peace.

However, because human beings are intelligent life, they are not willing to follow the law of life and death, so they began to explore the technology and methods to escape the law of life and death. When human beings enter the era of science and technology, the exploration of the mystery of life is also deepening. With a powerful tool of scientists, scientists begin to uncover the mystery of life step by step, and they are also cracking the law of life and death step by step.

In the world of science, as long as the power is strong enough, it can turn the tide and transcend life and death. The key to transcending life and death lies in consciousness. In fact, the ancient people began to explore consciousness as early as ancient times, but they called consciousness soul.

I believe many people know that there are various legends all over the world that care about the soul. In these legends, people will not really die after death, but the soul can still exist. Human death is just the separation of the body and the soul, and the soul can be reincarnated and continue with a new life.

In the past, all kinds of legends about souls in ancient times were basically superstitious. However, with the continuous development of science and the deepening of quantum technology, scientists have found that the soul may really exist, but we call it consciousness.

If there are souls, what is their final destination? Is there really a world of souls? In order to explore these mysteries, scientists once conducted a very famous experiment, which is “near death experience”.

I believe many of my friends have heard about the resurrection of the dead in their daily life. Some people have been declared dead, but suddenly come back to life, and can also describe his strange experience to the people around him. This state of dying is called “near death experience” in science.

“Near death experience” is a real phenomenon, and it is also an important method for scientists to study and explore the mystery of soul. According to incomplete statistics, about 20% of patients with cardiac arrest have just seen a bright light after waking up.

In 2017, New York University Medical School professor Sam Parnia published a very amazing study. After investigating the patients admitted to hospital due to cardiac arrest, he and his team found that 20% of the patients with cardiac arrest claimed to have seen a bright light, some could clearly say the doctor’s dialogue during the rescue process, and some even said that they had seen themselves lying on the rescue table.

The scenes described by these “near death experience” experimenters are very similar to those legends about souls handed down from ancient times. What are these strange scenes? You know, this is not a case in point, but a lot of people who have experienced “near death experience” see it.

Scientists believe that people’s inner spiritual consciousness does not really exist in the current material universe. It may span the high-dimensional space and the current space like gravity, or it is the “projection” of the high-dimensional world in the current world.

Hawking once said that any information in the universe will not disappear. When you think it will disappear, it will just change into another form and continue to exist. In essence, human consciousness is also a kind of information. If Hawking is right, it means that human consciousness will not die out. Even if human beings die, consciousness will also exist in another form.

In quantum theory, the body is composed of particles, which is the material expression of spiritual consciousness. The disappearance of material expression does not mean the disappearance of spiritual consciousness. In this way, the soul may really exist. At this time, we think of the dimensional theory put forward by scientists.

Edward Witten once proposed that the universe is a multi-dimensional space with 11 dimensions. The world in which human beings live is in three-dimensional space. If the life in the high dimensional space wants to enter the low dimensional space, it is possible that the body can not come, but can only come in the special form of consciousness.

Scientists guess that everyone’s soul may be a projection of the high-dimensional world in our current dimension, so why does the soul of the high-dimensional world come to our dimension? We need to know that in our three-dimensional world, everyone exists consciously. If this consciousness is the soul projection of the high-dimensional world, why do they go from the high dimension to the low dimension?

In this regard, some scientists speculate that the consciousness of high-dimensional space may not be a creature, but a cosmic law, a cosmic law that maintains the basic operation of the universe. If that’s the case, it’s a good explanation for why the consciousness of the high-dimensional world risks coming to our current three-dimensional space.

Because this is the task of high-dimensional consciousness and an instinct as the law of the universe, which reminds us of the reincarnation that has been handed down from ancient times to the present. Reincarnation is a kind of natural law. When life dies, the soul leaves the body and enters reincarnation to start a new life.

If so, then the end of life does not mean the end, for consciousness, each end will be a new beginning. If in the future, this seemingly absurd conjecture is correct, then death will no longer become so frightening and frightening in a sense.

The mysteries of soul and consciousness are bound to be solved by science in the future. Only by truly solving the mysteries of consciousness can human beings really solve the mysteries of life. Maybe at that time, human beings can master the real art of immortality. Although the end of life may not mean the end, everything you had before you died will be mercilessly obliterated, just like the legendary bridge over the Nai River needs to drink Mengpo soup. Therefore, we should still cherish life and live happily in the present.

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