Does the gate of time and space really exist? The plane disappeared for 37 years reappears, but the passengers remain unchanged!

There are still many unexplained phenomena in nature. In 1995, a flight from New York to Florida mysteriously disappeared shortly after taking off, but it reappeared in Venezuela’s airport 37 years later. When the plane landed, the crew and passengers had no idea what had happened. Their appearance did not change from 37 years ago. It is said that these people were secretly protected, and the plane also carried out recycling research.

At the beginning, people only talked about this matter after dinner, but the staff of area 51 revealed that there was an old aircraft in the machine of area 51. Today, we can no longer investigate the truth of that year. There has been a plane missing incident in history, and there are great similarities between them.


A 10 minute flight

It was in 1969, when the US National Airlines plane was preparing to land at Miami Airport, but the radar could not detect its signal. Ten minutes later, the plane reappeared on the radar, the same position as before it disappeared. Many people may have doubts. Even at the present level of science and technology, there is no way to reach the level of staying at high altitude for 10 minutes. However, this flight disappeared at the same location and then reappeared. It’s really incredible. I thought it was incomprehensible, but I didn’t expect something unexpected to happen. Scientists then investigated the passengers and personnel on the plane and found that their watches were 10 minutes slow, but the passengers on the plane didn’t feel any abnormality.

Does parallel space-time exist?

After seeing this incident, is it similar to the plane missing incident 37 years ago? This event has also caused a lot of controversy. Some people think that the 10 minutes they disappeared actually entered another time and space. In that time and space, time did not flow. In our opinion, 37 years is a long time. In that time and space, it was only a moment. So when they returned to the earth, we felt that they had no change.

Atlantis civilization

In our opinion, traveling through time and space is a bridge in science fiction movies. However, similar mysterious disappearances have occurred in Bermuda delta. Some people think that this is related to Atlantis civilization, which is good at using crystal energy. When they disappeared, they brought the crystal to the bottom of the sea. Because the environment on the bottom of the sea was not stable, they opened the passage through time and space. These missing people and planes actually entered other time and space.

Of course, these are all conjectures. At present, there is no evidence that human beings can travel through time and space. Maybe only by finding wormholes can we achieve this. What do you want to say about this situation?

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