Does the great flood really exist? More than 4000 years ago, it was recorded in the Bible and Shanhaijing

More than 4000 years ago, the flood inundated the people. At this time, Dayu stepped forward and led the people to harness the river, so that they could be well. It was also more than 4000 years ago that an extermination flood came to the whole world. Apart from the survival of the creatures on Noah’s ark, all the other terrestrial and aerial creatures were destroyed.

The above two stories are Dayu’s flood control and Noah’s ark, which are respectively from the Chinese book of mountains and seas and the Western Bible.

In the Western Bible, the flood robbed the whole continent, and the birds didn’t even have a place to stay. Noah’s Ark carried many creatures and floated on the water for a year and seven days before it was able to dock. Although Dayu controlled the water, it was flooded, but the people had a place to settle down. From the story description, although the two myths and legends have cultural differences, there are also very similar places, that is, the torrential flood. In the ancient books thousands of years ago, it was recorded at the same time. Did the flood really exist? Or a false coincidence?

In many parts of the world, there are records of this flood. For example, in the book of popowu of the Mayan civilization, because human beings forget the existence of the God of heaven, the God of heaven launched a flood to destroy human beings. In the Sumerian civilization, the gods felt that human beings were too noisy, so they released the flood to destroy human beings. The water god was compassionate and helped human beings build ships for refuge.

According to the statistics of scientists, there are more than 50 myths and legends all over the world, recording the great flood. Some archaeological teams even excavated more than 3 meters of sand in the historical sites of Sumerian civilization. These sand layers show that 4500 years ago, there was a large-scale flood here.

With so much evidence, the credibility of this disaster is extremely high. Maybe it actually happened, but there are no records of the flood in some ethnic groups with a long history, such as Korea, Japan, Mongolia and so on. Have they not experienced this flood?

In order to explore the authenticity, geographers and historians once set up an investigation team to investigate the myths, legends and geological structures around the world.

At the beginning, scientists speculated about the extinction flood mainly based on the theory of asteroid impact, volcanic eruption, earth movement and tidal lock-in. They speculated that maybe around 2500 BC, an asteroid fell from the sky and hit the Pacific Ocean, causing the flood. There are also a series of disasters such as earthquakes.

Perhaps the frequent eruptions of volcanoes on the earth at that time caused floods, or the disorder of the earth’s axis and the sharp rise of global temperature led to the melting of glaciers at the two poles, the rise of sea level and the increase of rainfall, which gradually led to heavy rain, and then led to floods. It may also be that the Moon tides locked the earth, resulting in the increase of the earth’s sea water and the distance between the tides .

When everyone hesitated about all the hypotheses, some people put forward a more credible hypothesis. 8000 years ago, the earth’s sea level rose sharply. Until 4500 years ago, sea water flooded a large number of coasts and low altitude areas in the world, and the area of water increased, resulting in increased rainfall.

In some areas caused floods, because of the ancient science and technology backward, unable to cope with such a disaster, so in later literature, it is recorded as the great flood.

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