Does the legendary lizard man really exist? How to explain the cases of witnessing lizards in history?

There have been many sightings of lizards in history. With green skin, is it about aliens?

In the vast universe, the earth is the only one with the birth of life conditions of the planet, breeding countless creatures. There are so many creatures on the earth that every creature has its value. Human beings claim to be the masters of the earth. They think that they have a deep understanding of the earth. Only when they go out of the earth do they know their own insignificance. What they know about the earth is only skin deep. In particular, there are many new species on the earth, these new species put on a layer of mysterious veil, attracting people to constantly explore.

With the rapid development of science and technology, various kinds of devices are gradually emerging. Many people often go to the movies. All kinds of movies are presented in front of the public, especially many science fiction movies, which put mutant people and time travel in the plot. Presumably many people have seen a science fiction film, that is “Black Lake Monster”. The movie is about a magical creature, lizard man. A lot of people think that this is just a part of the movie, which doesn’t exist in real life. However, some people have seen the existence of lizards in history. What’s the matter? There have been many sightings of lizards in history. With green skin, is it about aliens?

Witnesses said they saw the real lizard man

Once in a small town in the United States, there was a young man who claimed to have seen a lizard man. How did he determine that he was a lizard man? The lizard man he saw walked upright just like human beings, but it was much larger than human beings. It was two meters tall by sight, and its whole body was green. It was more like a green monster, but its eyes were red, which made people afraid. The lizard man did not know for what reason, overturned a car, maybe for fear of being caught, so he quickly fled the place. Since the news spread, it shocked the whole scientific community.

If all he said was true, the so-called lizard man might be an alien species. After that, there were more and more rumors about lizards. Many people claimed that they had seen lizards. There was a man who saw a monster while driving. He was beautiful, tall and covered with green. The most important thing was that he had a tail that humans didn’t have. After he saw it, he immediately reported it to the local government. The government sent an investigation team to explore and found many huge footprints. Scientists speculate that this is most likely left by lizards.

Mysterious remains found in Indian waters

Not only that, in the Indian sea also found an underwater ruins, the interior has a complete building structure, there are many remains of the remains. Experts infer that this may be the remains of lizards. Everyone has different opinions. Some people think that lizards do not exist in this world. After all, they have high requirements for their living environment, and the earth is not suitable for them to survive. Some people think that lizards are alien species. These are all in the guessing.

According to the theory of evolution, lizards should not exist in this world. Even if they have existed, they can only go extinct because of their weak ability to reproduce. There are many different opinions about lizards. Few people have seen them in real life. These cases only happened in history, and there is no real evidence. Do you think lizards really exist? You can leave a message for interaction.

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