Does the moth man really exist? Before the collapse of the silver bridge in the United States, did anyone witness their tracks?

There are always some creatures in the world that human beings have never seen before. Legends of some creatures emerge in endlessly. As long as human beings mention their names, they feel very afraid, such as the moth man who once appeared in the United States. It was in 1926 that a young man saw a giant creature with a length of three meters in the suburban forest of Connecticut. The body shape of the unknown creature was very similar to that of a bat, with a pair of red eyes but no neck. Since then, the legend of the moth man has spread among the crowd.

Since then, many people have claimed to have witnessed the moths. In fact, the reason why the moth people are afraid of human beings is because of their ability of prophecy. This does not mean that the moth people can speak, but in the description of eyewitnesses, they think that as long as the moth people appear, it must mean that there will be disaster. The reason for this is not without facts. There were two events in 1966 and 1967, and these two events happened Let humans start to fear the moth people again.

Two sightings

In 1966, five workers were working in a cemetery in West Virginia. In the process of digging, they saw a humanoid object on a nearby tree. The humanoid object was flying over their heads. The workers were very confused. The huge creature they saw was not a human aircraft, but one with a pair of huge wings Humanoid. Fortunately, this huge creature didn’t hurt the five workers. They thought it was just the biggest bird and didn’t take it seriously. But two days after this incident, another shocking thing happened in the local area.

It was a very ordinary evening, and a man named will page was watching TV at home. At first, everything was very normal, but at 10:30 in the evening, the TV suddenly became blurred and made a noisy sound. At this time, there was a loud noise in the warehouse outside, and the dog was barking. The scene was very flustered. When he went to the yard with a flashlight, he saw a picture that he would never forget. What appeared in front of him was a humanoid with red eyes and huge wings.

Wilpazzi claimed that he had never seen such a picture before. He was afraid that this huge creature would hurt himself, so he ran back to the house. The next day, everything recovered as usual, but his dog disappeared. He claimed that what he saw was the legendary moth man. Many media have also reported the two incidents, but local scientists believe that they are not unknown creatures, but sand dune cranes. After all, the size of the sand dune crane is also very huge. At night, the red forehead of the sand dune crane is easily recognized as red eyes.

Silver bridge collapses

Although scientists have refuted this rumor, many eyewitnesses still insist on their own idea. More than a year later, at least 100 people claimed to have seen the moth man. Especially in 1967, the collapse of the approach bridge in the United States pushed the legend of the moth man to the peak. At that time, it was the rush hour, and there were a lot of vehicles on the bridge deck, which was congested for five minutes, but the bridge collapsed at this time. More than 50 cars on the bridge also fell directly into the river. After the accident, many people claimed that they had seen the moth man on the silver bridge.

Therefore, many people think that the emergence of the moth man is a bad omen. If there is a moth man in any place, it means that there will be a disaster soon. Perhaps for the sake of psychological comfort, in the town where the moth people first appeared, people also built several 10 bronze statues for the moth people, and even built a museum of the moth people. It has been more than 100 years since the emergence of the moth people. What is the origin of the moth people? Scientists have no way to give an accurate answer, which also adds a color of mystery and terror to the moth man. Do you think that the moth man really exists?

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