Does the moth man really exist? In 1967, the silver bridge of the United States collapsed, hundreds of people witnessed the trace of the moth people!

Although human beings have created advanced scientific and technological civilization, there are still many phenomena in the world that cannot be explained by science. Do aliens exist? What is the origin of geocentric people? These are all puzzles that cannot be solved up to now. In fact, there are still some mysterious species that we don’t know. For example, we’ll talk about the moth man next. It’s said that hundreds of people have witnessed it.

The shape of the moth man

According to the eyewitness’s description, the moth man’s body is very huge, and they also have two huge wings behind them. They are two meters tall and have huge red eyes, but they don’t have necks. Their heads are on their chests. We can imagine, if we are walking on the road at night, suddenly appear such a huge thing, it is very frightening. But someone claimed to have seen the moth man near silver bridge in the United States.

The collapse of the silver bridge in the United States has led to the emergence of the moth man

In 1967, silver bridge collapsed in the United States, which caused more than 50 cars to be damaged and more than 40 people to die. After seeing such a picture, some people not only think that a year before the collapse, there were moth people here. Is moth people related to the collapse of Yinqiao?


The moth man also appeared before the explosion

Such a statement is not groundless. They believe that the emergence of the moth man is not a good omen, but a harbinger of disaster. In 1986, a huge nuclear leakage accident occurred in Chernobyl. Due to improper operation, it directly led to the explosion of No. 4 reactor, which also led to tens of thousands of residents being forced to move. Even now, many residents are suffering from radiation-induced diseases, and Chernobyl has become a real “ghost city”. At that time, it was claimed that a few days before the Chernobyl accident, the moth people had been seen around.

Is the moth man really a harbinger of disaster?

But in our opinion, these statements are unbelievable. But since these incidents, more and more people have claimed to have seen the moth man. Once upon a time, there was a couple who saw the moth man when they drove home at night. The road is dark at night. They are concentrating on the front. Unexpectedly, a huge figure appears in front of them. When they approach, they find that the figure has huge wings and red eyes. When the monster saw the car, he might be surprised and escape to the grass. The couple realized that this is the legendary moth man.

When they stepped on the accelerator to escape, they found that the monster was catching up again and standing on their hood. After staying on the hood for a few seconds, it flew away without harming them. Unexpectedly, a few days later, a nearby factory exploded. Are they really omens of disaster? We have no way to know about all this, but what we can be sure is that the nuclear leak and the collapse of the silver bridge in the United States are all caused by human factors, and have nothing to do with the moth people. What do you think?

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