Does the plane have to fly 10000 meters to be stable? The lessons of the past, mankind always remember!

Does the plane have to fly 10000 meters to be stable? The lessons of the past, mankind always remember!

Human civilization has always been in the stage of development. Since the level of science and technology has been improved, mankind has also enjoyed the convenience brought by science and technology. With the emergence of many means of transportation, it is more and more convenient to travel. What’s more, today’s human nutrition is sufficient, and all kinds of food are coveted. These advances are all given by the development of science and technology.

Since entering the Internet era, people’s life has become more and more convenient, which is due to the emergence of high-tech products, so that human life is no longer boring and colorful, and even the work efficiency has been improved in a straight line. There have been many inventions in human history, one of which has really benefited mankind, that is, the airplane. We all know that the plane was invented by the Wright brothers. In 1903, the Wright brothers finally mastered the control ability of the plane through unremitting experiments, and they could fly on their own power, and developed the pilot 1. Does the plane have to fly 10000 meters to be stable? The lessons of the past, mankind always remember!

Since then, the plane gradually put on the agenda, once the dream of human desire to enter space, also gradually realized, but also laid a good foundation for space flight. However, at that time, there were restrictions on airplanes, and the mileage and speed were only in the initial stage. Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, aircraft has become a common means of transportation. Today’s aircraft fly very fast, where the aircraft can quickly arrive, flying high.

I don’t know if you have found that airplanes often have to fly over 10000 meters to be able to fly stably. Why on earth? Many experts have analyzed the reasons. It’s good for a plane to fly high. If it flies too low, it’s very likely that it will hit other birds during the flight, resulting in the destruction of the plane and the death of people. It’s too late to regret. In addition, it will also be affected by the wind, which is not conducive to navigation at all. There is a certain danger. Only when you fly to 10000 meters above, can you have higher safety.

Moreover, there is a stratosphere at an altitude of 10000 meters. This stratosphere has good stability, high visibility, less suspended particles and impurities. The force here is relatively uniform, and the pilots can control it, and the noise is not big. Usually birds can not fly to this altitude, so it is the safest for a plane to fly in the stratosphere. We should know that at the moment when the plane takes off, our lives are pinned on the plane. If there is any accident on the plane, no one can avoid it. Therefore, we should consider the potential safety hazards of the plane again and again.

Although mankind encountered many difficulties in inventing airplanes, it is gratifying that nowadays airplanes have become a tool for the benefit of mankind, and the flying distance of airplanes is also particular. It does not mean that it is good to be able to fly into space. It is necessary to fly stably at an altitude of more than 10000 meters. What else do you know about airplanes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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