Does the router need to be turned off every day? Listen to how experts explain this

The era of science and technology is inseparable from information. With the first man-made satellite launched into the sky, human civilization has ushered in a new opportunity to go out of the earth and explore the universe. At the same time, network information technology has entered a new era. Today’s society is a network age and an information age. Just a mobile phone can let us sit at home and learn about the world.

This is mainly brought about by the development of network. From 2G to 4G now, to 5g which will be tested next year, the development of information technology is too fast. I believe many friends of the Post-70s and early 80s still remember watching TV with an ordinary antenna when they were young. Later, they developed a satellite cooker. The main function of mobile phone is to make phone calls, send short messages, dial the number of Internet at first, and then use broadband Internet. The development of network is very fast.

In the past, the cost of broadband was very expensive. Most families couldn’t afford it. They all like to go to Internet cafes to get online. But now the speed of broadband is fast and the cost is very low. Broadband has been widely used in people’s life. After the popularization of broadband, an important auxiliary tool appeared, which is router. People mainly use router to realize wireless internet access. A broadband line and a router can cover a range of tens of meters. Without cable, we can realize a broadband line and the convenience of multiple people using wireless network.

In the past, when people watched TV, they either installed satellite TV or cable TV. Now with broadband network and router, TV is basically connected to wireless network, so there is no need to spend money to install cable TV. Routers make it more convenient for people to access the Internet, but also save a lot of traffic fees. Now many cities have WiFi everywhere, every corner has WiFi network coverage.

Now, almost every home with broadband has a router installed, but many people will find that the router will be stuck and the network speed will slow down after a long time. Some people say that this is related to the improper use of the router. The router should be closed every day. Is that true? Do routers really need to be turned off every day? Now let’s listen to what experts say.

Router is a device that connects LAN and Wan in the Internet. It is the hub of the Internet. Router, also known as gateway device, is used to connect multiple logically separated networks. The so-called logical network represents a single network or a subnet. When the data is transmitted from one subnet to another, it can be completed through the router’s routing function. Therefore, the router has the function of judging the network address and selecting the IP path. It can establish flexible connections in the multi network interconnection environment, and can connect various subnets with completely different data packet and media access methods.

The powerful function of the network is really reflected through the router. Many people will not take care of the router after it is installed. Unless it is automatically shut down in case of power failure, they will not shut it down until it breaks down. Xiaobian used to be the same. After a router is installed, it will not shut down for a year. If it breaks down, replace it. Later, Xiaobian learned from the information that such a practice is wrong. It will have a great impact on the router if it is not shut down all the time. This impact is mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

The first is equipment aging. As we all know, when household appliances are used for a long time, there will be aging of electrical parts, which will shorten the service life of electrical appliances. Router is also a kind of electrical appliances, it will naturally have the phenomenon of parts aging. If it is not closed for a long time, some parts in it will accelerate the aging, short circuit and other faults, and the service life of router will be greatly reduced, especially in a high temperature environment, it is easier to cause parts aging.

The second is to occupy a large amount of cache. The working principle of router is actually to receive and output signals. In the process of exchange, it needs a large amount of memory to cache these signals. When the router is not closed for a long time, the cache space of the router will be occupied, and the space will be smaller and smaller. In this way, when the router receives and outputs signals, it will not be smooth, and it will affect the network speed, so that there will be some stuck, affecting the user’s online experience. Therefore, the frequent shutdown of the router can effectively release the cache, clean up the cache, and keep the network speed fast and smooth.

The third is the safety problem. As long as it is electrical appliances, there will inevitably be a variety of safety problems, especially the short circuit caused by aging parts is more dangerous. It may burn electrical appliances, or even cause the whole line in the home, and then cause fire and other major hazards. Although the router is an electrical appliance with small power consumption, even if its small parts are short circuited, it will burn out the router at most. But no one can guarantee that a very small probability will occur, such as causing other electrical short circuit problems. In case of thunder and lightning weather, if the router is not turned off, it is more likely to cause thunder, thus threatening our security.

Through the above three explanations, I believe many people understand that improper use of a small router may cause a series of problems. So how to use router correctly? In fact, it’s very simple, that is, turn off the router every day. This is a very convenient and easy way, and it takes only a few seconds to go back and forth.

If your network is not used for 24 hours, you should turn off the router and let it rest when you don’t use the network. But if your network needs to be used for 24 hours and can’t turn off the router for a long time, you should also do a turn off action every day, that is, turn off the router for a few seconds and then turn it on. This kind of operation can not shorten the lifetime of the router, but it can effectively release the cache of the router, so that the router can maintain efficient network transmission every day, so that there will not be stuck and the network speed will slow down.

Of course, many people don’t want to turn off the router every day. One is that they don’t understand the common sense. The other is that they feel troublesome. Moreover, the router is also a relatively cheap electrical appliance. If it doesn’t work, they can replace it. Generally speaking, the service life of routers is very long, that is, they can be used 24 hours a day, and there is no problem for a few years, so many people will not turn off the routers every day.

With the rapid development of the network, the future router is bound to be more powerful, covering a wider range, the performance of the router will be better and better, and the cache space will be larger and larger. Because, for example, if there is a network jam, the network speed will slow down, which will not happen basically. However, if you find that your network slows down and gets stuck, you should first think about whether the router is a problem. You can turn off the router and turn it on later. Maybe the network will return to normal.

We don’t know how routers will develop in the future, but Xiaobian thinks that wireless network is the mainstream in the future. Now people’s broadband installation is basically wired optical fiber, which is faster. Although there is also wireless broadband, but the network speed is relatively slow, it can not really be popularized. However, in the future, wireless broadband is bound to be the mainstream, people do not need to install broadband cable, just need a wireless receiver box can be connected to the base station, to achieve wireless Internet. At that time, home routers will be eliminated. Of course, the network speed will be faster and faster in the future. In the past, it took about an hour to download a movie. Now, it takes about a few minutes to download a movie. In the future, it only takes a few seconds to download a movie.

The Internet has changed the world, changed people’s way of life, and quietly promoted the faster and better development of human civilization. My friends, what’s your opinion on this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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