Does the secret under the pyramid come from the earth civilization or the masterpiece of extraterrestrial life

Many great buildings, such as the Great Wall, the hanging garden and the Egyptian pyramids, have been built hundreds of years ago. Now many people think that the Egyptian pyramids were not built by the earth people, but by the nice people.

Scientists explained that although the pyramid is located on the earth, for human beings, it is just a tomb and a place to visit. Therefore, they began to imagine the real function of the pyramid and its connection with the existing energy and even flight events through some murals. Finally, they found that these pyramids were built after aliens came to the earth They are made to help them locate and navigate.

For the ancient Egyptians, these creatures from outside the earth were gods. They may come from heaven or hell. In a word, they had strong power. In some historical books, it was recorded that these gods came from Sirius system. Therefore, the tip of the pyramid will aim at Sirius. The gods came to earth, built the pyramids, and left.

Some scientists believe that the African continent in the early days was not a desert, but an oasis. Only later, the floods broke out and all of them were submerged. After a long time, the floods subsided and the oasis became a desert. According to the interpretation of modern history, the pyramid was built by the order of the pharaoh Khufu, although it was never mentioned in Egyptian Literature and historical works that Khufu ordered the construction of the pyramid.

Although they can’t write, Egyptians are very good at recording. They can use paintings to describe things, so there are many murals in the pyramids, but some of them are difficult to understand, such as things like aircraft, and some devices like lamp holders.

If this is Huff’s masterpiece, why did he build such a big house? Then the pyramid is not a palace, can’t live people, then it can only be a tomb? Certainly not. In fact, the Egyptians have discovered its antiseptic function before they used the pyramid as a tomb.

In 1971, because the Soviet pilot Alexander snow flew into a strange cloud, when he looked down from the plane, he found that he had reached the top of the Egyptian pyramid. Strangely enough, the pyramid he saw was being built, but there was no one beside the stone piles.

A few minutes later, snow flew into the clouds again. When he returned to the base, the staff told him how many hours his plane had been grounded? Although snow later tried to explain, although many people did not believe it, he still insisted on his own point of view.

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