Does the soul exist? It’s a hypothesis of scientists that scares people

Although the history of human civilization is not long, only about 5000 years, it has created a glorious history. Some people may think that the glory of human civilization came into being hundreds of years after entering the era of science and technology. But in fact, although there was no science and technology in ancient times, the intelligence of the ancients was not weaker than that of modern people, and even the wisdom of some wise people was far beyond that of modern people.

Without the support of science and technology, the ancients also made many incredible achievements. Some of these achievements can not be replicated even by modern technology, and even can not be perfectly explained by existing science.

For example, with the support of observation equipment, we have made great achievements in the exploration and research of space-time and the universe after mankind entered the era of science and technology. So do you think the ancients didn’t think about it? Of course not. In fact, in the records of Buddhist scriptures and Taoist doctrines, a lot of written records are about some research conjectures about the world, the space-time and the universe.

These research conjectures of the ancients are basically in line with the conjectures of modern scientists, and some even surpass the conjectures of modern scientists. For example, in the Buddhist Scripture, “one sand, one world, one tree, one Bodhi”, consciousness means that a flower is a universe. A person is also a universe. Everything is small.

This record in the Buddhist Scripture is very great, and even modern scientists have got a lot of inspiration from it. This is a survey of the macro world and the micro world.

Therefore, we can not underestimate the wisdom of the ancients. Of course, without the assistance of science and technology, the ancients could not give a reasonable explanation for many natural phenomena and the rules of the universe, so they imagined gods and ghosts. Things that can’t be explained throw the pot to ghosts, so there are a lot of legends about ghosts.

The place where immortals live is Tiangong, which has ninety-nine heaven, so the place where ghosts live is hell, which also has eighteen floors. God makes people worship, while ghosts make many people feel afraid. In the legend of gods and ghosts, when a person dies, it does not mean that the person disappears completely. Death is just a body, and the soul of the real core will go to hell to live, or reincarnate to live again.

After human beings entered the age of science and technology, we all regarded these legends about the soul as superstition, which is impossible. Human death is completely disappeared, but with the continuous progress of human science and technology, scientists continue to explore the mystery of the human body, but found that the human soul may be real.

Since the beginning of the last century, more and more scientists have been studying the soul, many of them are world-famous researchers. Even great scientists like Newton and Einstein began to study theology in their later years.

Why do so many scientists begin to explore the soul? We should know that scientists are scholars standing at the top of human civilization. Their cognition of the world and the human body far exceeds that of ordinary people. Since there are scientists studying the soul, they must have found something. Otherwise, they will not focus on what people thought was superstition in the past.

So does the soul exist? For this, scientists can not give a definite answer. Scientific research of anything needs to be able to see or touch through the instrument, but the soul is an invisible thing, which can not be detected by modern scientific instruments.

Nevertheless, scientists have not given up the research and exploration of the soul, and more and more scientists have joined in. Why is this so? It is mainly due to the continuous development of quantum mechanics. As we all know, there are both macro and micro aspects in the world. We can see the macro aspect and it is easy to study and explore.

But the micro world is the world behind the macro world. In essence, any object in the macro world is composed of micro particles, including human beings themselves.

However, human beings are different from other macroscopic substances. Other macroscopic substances are dead things, which are completely composed of elementary particles. If human beings are only made up of basic particles, then we are also dead like stones, not intelligent life.

Therefore, human beings are not just made up of particles. Our body organization is made up of particles. However, body organization alone is also dead, not intelligent life. It can be seen that in addition to these basic particles, there is something more mysterious that constitutes human beings. This thing may be the soul, which can also be called consciousness.

Scientists have found that the legendary soul may be closely related to quantum mechanics, which is currently a hot topic for scientists. If the soul exists, it can’t be rootless. It must have its source. The soul, like quantum mechanics, makes people feel mysterious and subversive.

We should know that the physical phenomena in quantum mechanics completely subvert the macro theory, whether it is quantum entanglement or quantum tunneling effect, which can not be explained by macro theory. In addition, most of the phenomena in quantum mechanics are contrary to the theory of the macro world, which shows that the scientific theory in quantum mechanics is self-contained, and we can’t explain the things in quantum mechanics with the macro theory.

It is difficult for us to explain the soul with macroscopic theory, so it may be a rule in quantum mechanics. Through continuous research, scientists have found that the soul probably exists. If it is the same thing as consciousness, then its existence need not be doubted. Because consciousness is something that has been confirmed by the scientific community, but it is too illusory for us to study and explore.

If the soul really exists, is it possible that the theory of reincarnation of the soul is true? Scientists speculate that the soul may be composed of microscopic particles like electrons. When a person dies, these electrons will leave the human body, disperse in every corner of the universe, or even disappear directly.

After leaving the human body, the electrons may not disappear soon, but exist in the universe for a long time. Sometimes, after a period of time, they will return to the earth and gather on a certain person. This phenomenon may be called reincarnation.

From the day of birth, human beings have their own independent consciousness, that is, they have a soul. But if those soul electrons decomposed in the universe can be reunited with a certain person, would it be an alternative way to give up? Destroy the original birth of the soul, if so, we have to be afraid.

I believe some friends have also heard about this. Some children seem to have recovered the memory of their previous lives and can remember things from their previous lives. It’s completely like a changed person. In many people’s eyes, this phenomenon may be a kind of reincarnation, but from another point of view, isn’t it a kind of situation in which other souls destroy the soul of the original body and complete the takeover?

Of course, the above is only our guess. Does soul exist? If so, what is its essence? It also needs constant research and exploration by scientists. I believe that as long as we make continuous efforts in science and technology, human beings will uncover all the mysteries of the human body as soon as possible. If the soul is really as magical as the legend, it may not be bad news for human beings, because it is possible for human beings to realize their dream of eternal life.

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