Does the soul exist? Starting from the existing laws of physics, let’s see what the answer is

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After the big bang, various types of celestial bodies and materials were born, and many laws of the universe were also born. Among the many things born, the birth of life is the most magical and mysterious, especially the wisdom of life, is the distillation of life.

The earth is a planet of life, and intelligent human beings were born millions of years ago. The reason why human beings call it intelligent life is that human beings have an intelligent brain, and the core of this brain is consciousness. Any life, including plants and animals, has its own consciousness, but the consciousness of plants is relatively simple.

The consciousness of animals is naturally more complex than that of plants, and the consciousness of human beings is more complex and mysterious than that of animals. Therefore, human beings can become intelligent life, surpass the top of the food chain and become the overlord of the earth. Why is human brain consciousness so complex and mysterious? In ancient times, people put forward the theory of soul.

I don’t know when the theory of soul began. When there were written records, there were various legends about soul. Since ancient times, people have believed that people have a soul, the body will die, but the soul will never die. The ancients even gave the soul the ability to go to heaven and earth, reincarnate. Therefore, soul is an eternal topic of human beings.

After mankind entered the era of science and technology, science has become the mainstream of the world. Many legends in the past have been falsified by science and can be explained by science, such as many natural phenomena. But only the soul, until now, can not be falsified by science, nor can it be proved by science. Up to now, scientists can not completely deny the existence of the soul. Even some scientists have devoted themselves to the research and exploration of the soul, and even some people have found that the weight of the soul is 8 grams.

Since the soul can not be falsified, then from a scientific point of view, it can not completely deny its existence. So from the existing laws of physics, does the soul exist? To explore the existence of the soul, first of all, we need to give a definition of the soul, so how to define the soul?

The definition of soul has two characteristics. The first characteristic is that the soul should be eternal and will not disappear because of the disappearance of the body. In fact, this is also very easy to understand. If the soul, like the body, will die out, it will be meaningless for us to explore the existence of the soul. Human beings expect the soul to exist, doesn’t it mean that it can last forever? I’m also the eternal life that human beings have been expecting. The body can’t do it. People place their hopes on the soul.

The second characteristic of the soul is that it has thoughts, can think, and has its own emotions and consciousness. I believe that friends who like to watch ghost movies should know that the soul is no different from people except for the body. If the soul has no consciousness and thinking ability, it will also lose the significance of exploration.

Only by defining the soul can we explore the possibility of its existence from the existing laws of physics. As we all know, all things in the world, all things in the universe, and all kinds of laws and orders in the universe are based on the laws of physics. There are no things beyond the laws of physics. Even the mysterious dark matter and dark energy can not escape the scope of the laws of the universe.

Since everything in the world must follow the laws of physics, and anything that violates the laws of physics cannot exist in the world, then if the soul exists, it must also follow the laws of physics. So under the existing laws of physics, can soul exist? Now let’s do some analysis.

I believe that many friends who love science know the law of thermodynamics of entropy. Although it is a law of thermodynamics, it can be applied to anything. The rise and fall of everything in the universe, even the universe itself, can be explained by entropy. Entropy is born from the moment everything is born, and it only increases, not decreases.

To put it simply, entropy represents the degree of order and chaos in the system. The higher the entropy is, the more chaotic the system tends to be. The birth and death of stars are the result of increasing entropy, and the life and death of life are also the result of increasing entropy. Orderly life will decay and disintegrate into disordered dust, and high-rise buildings will eventually collapse into broken bricks and tiles.

After understanding the entropy, we will discuss the soul. Since the soul is eternal, then the soul must be able to maintain its own entropy in a certain way, that is, always maintain order. This situation is obviously impossible under the existing laws of physics. Of course, there is another possibility that the soul is a low entropy body. Although it will eventually die out, it can exist for a long time because of its low entropy and slow increase in entropy.

The above is the analysis of the first characteristic of the soul with the entropy value of the existing laws of physics. Through the analysis, if the soul is eternal, it will violate the entropy value of the existing laws of physics. Only if the soul is not eternal or has a very slow entropy slowing down speed, it can exist. So we can’t completely deny the existence of soul through entropy.

The second characteristic of the soul is that it has the ability of independent thinking, and human beings also have the ability of independent thinking. The reason why human beings have the ability of independent thinking is that our brain can realize information exchange through complex operation, which is what we usually call independent consciousness. We know that a single particle does not have the ability to exchange information, nor can strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force. Only when the electromagnetic force reaches a certain strength can self interact, but the premise of such self interaction is that there must be a considerable high temperature.

The soul is a thing that is separated from the body, so can it get the super high energy needed to produce the information exchange ability? It is obviously impossible under the existing physical system. Without the ability of information exchange, we can’t realize independent thinking. Even if we can’t think, can we be regarded as the soul?

It can be seen that through the above analysis of the two characteristics of the soul with the existing laws of physics, we know that the soul is unlikely to exist under the existing physical system, that is to say, the soul is unlikely to exist under the existing laws of physics. Some people may ask: why does Xiaobian emphasize the existing laws of physics? Can the laws of physics in the future prove the existence of the soul?

A friend asked this question very well. Science is a great science. It can explain everything in the universe. But science is also a science with no end. No one knows where the end of science is. It’s only about 300 years since human beings really entered the era of science. It’s amazing to have existing scientific achievements in such a short time.

However, the existing science of human beings is just a dust on the road of science, and so is the physical system. On the road of physics, the laws of physics that human beings now master and the physical system are just the tip of the iceberg. There are very few things in the universe that can be explained by our current physical system, and more things that cannot be explained by our current physical system and scientific system.

The existing physical system can not explain and prove the existence of things, which may become a reality in the future. And what the physical system thinks impossible may be overturned in the future. The existence of soul is just like this. Under the existing system of physical laws, soul is unlikely to exist. But outside the future system of physical laws, the soul may become the existence that can be explained scientifically. This is the charm and strength of science.

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