Does the universe have an “end day”? American scientists calculate the valuation, black dwarf or witness!

Does the universe have an “end day”? American scientists calculate the valuation, black dwarf or witness!

The universe is mysterious and unpredictable. So far, human understanding of the universe is still only one-sided. The mystery of the origin of the universe is still under discussion. In terms of the scope of the universe, there is no definite answer, and everything can only be guessed. There are countless stars in the universe, and they all have their own modes of operation. How was the universe born?

The most convincing argument is that the universe was born in the event of a singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. With its unlimited expansion, more and more stars emerged, gradually possessing space, time and matter, and also forming major galaxies. Once an American scientist calculated the end date of the universe. Many people wonder, does the universe also have an end date? Does the universe have an “end day”? American scientists calculate the valuation, black dwarf or witness!

Kaplan calculated the end of the universe

Physicist Kaplan uses a large number of data analysis, in his view, the universe has an end date, when the last batch of stars evolve to the end, causing a supernova explosion, the universe will enter a dead state, at that time, the universe will fall into a dark world, it is estimated that there is only a black hole left, the end date he gave shocked people, according to his calculation, he thinks The end date of the universe is about 32000 power years later. According to this statement, there is still a long way to go before the end of the universe. There’s another question. What’s a supernova explosion?

When the stellar evolution is near the end, it will cause a strong explosion. The explosion time is very short, but the energy released is amazing, lasting for several months, it will gradually disappear. Kaplan also believes that the mass of the first batch of disappeared stars is very large, because the larger the mass, the shorter the life span of the stars. After the massive stars experience supernova explosion, the number of black holes will increase. Finally, only a batch of small mass stars will evolve into a white dwarf when they are near the end. When the brightness disappears, the supernova explosion will follow. This is the reason It’s an endless cycle.

What will the end of the universe look like?

Black dwarfs no longer emit light, because it is a star itself, the internal nuclear fusion reaction has been taking place, producing a lot of iron. Because there is no way to reorganize new elements, there will be another supernova explosion. If this cycle continues, the universe will become a dead state. There will be no more life in nature, and the universe will usher in an unprecedented end day. What will the universe look like after the end?

This is a cyclical process, which may turn into a singularity, and then turn into a new universe through a big bang, starting a new round of explosive evolution. We know too little about the universe. The end of the universe may be the time for it to start again. It is in an endless cycle, which is also the main reason why human beings can never understand the universe. It hides too many unknown secrets. Even if human beings have explored the universe, they still have only a superficial understanding of it. Do you think the universe really has an end? You can leave a message for interaction.

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