Does the universe really have boundaries? Look at Einstein and Hawking’s answers

The universe is vast and vast. Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been thinking about a question: does the universe really exist boundary? At present, by using advanced astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment, we can observe 13.7 billion light-years distant celestial bodies and scenes in the universe. However, this is far from the real scope of the universe. How big the universe is is still a mystery to us.

We know that today’s scientific community believes that the universe originated from the big bang, and then the universe expanded outward at the speed of super light, continuously evolving to form our present universe. Until now, the universe has not stopped expanding, that is to say, the boundary of the universe has been far away from us, and some of the celestial bodies we are going to observe may be far away in the future It can be observed.

As for whether there is a boundary in the universe, scientists also have two views. One is that there is a boundary in the universe, and the other is that the edge space of the universe is distorted. We can approach it infinitely, but we can never reach it. I believe no one can say what the real situation is. But most scientists still agree with the first view, that the universe is not an abstract existence, it is a real concrete existence, since it is a real existence, there must be a boundary.

Many scientists have studied the boundary of the universe, among which Einstein and Hawking are the authorities. I believe everyone is familiar with Einstein and Hawking. Einstein’s life-long research is unprecedented. It’s hard to say whether there will be a successor who can surpass Einstein. At least there is no such person in the future. Hawking is also a great physicist, especially for the study of celestial bodies and other things in the universe. So what are the differences between these two famous scientists about the boundary of the universe? Let’s take a look.

Einstein believed that the universe is a cubic structure, not a plane, and the universe naturally has boundaries. However, Einstein proposed the concept of “boundless and boundless”. What is boundless and boundless? In fact, Einstein is talking about the theory of multi-dimensional space. He thinks that our universe is multi-dimensional, and human beings only live in a three-dimensional world. For four-dimensional space life, there is no secret about three-dimensional space life. Our universe may be a multi-dimensional space. These spaces intersect with each other. Although there are boundaries, there are no boundaries.

Hawking’s explanation and Einstein’s Meanwhile, Hawking insists that the universe has boundaries. The universe is like a three-dimensional panorama. Although it is expanding outward now, it has boundaries. In fact, when we think about whether the universe has boundaries, we will think that it has boundaries. The universe is bigger than we think. But if we think of the universe as an infinitely expanding balloon, the balloon will not be able to expand Although it can expand infinitely, it still has a boundary. Not only does the universe have a boundary, but also there is a larger space outside the universe. Otherwise, the universe cannot expand all the time.

The reason why human beings are unable to detect the existence of the boundary of the universe is that the science and technology of human beings are still backward. We can’t even go out of the solar system, which is far from the real interstellar civilization. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of an object can be infinitely close to the speed of light, but it is impossible to reach or surpass it.

If the speed of an object can’t even reach the speed of light, let alone surpass it, and if you want to explore the boundary of the universe, you can’t fly faster than light, The expansion speed of the universe is faster than the speed of light. If the speed of our spaceship cannot exceed the speed of light, we will never know where the boundary of the universe is, let alone reach the boundary of the universe to understand the truth of the whole universe.

Since the universe is a real thing, there must be a way to reach the edge of the universe. Take the earth for example. In ancient times, people thought that the earth was infinite, and the earth was the universe. It was impossible for human beings to reach the edge of the earth. However, with the development of human science and technology, we have airplanes and fast flying vehicles, not to mention flying to the edge of the earth Out of the earth has become a reality.

In the same way, the universe is equivalent to an earth magnified by countless times. Since there are boundaries, as long as you are fast enough, it is no problem to reach the edge of the universe. You can even go out of the universe and see what is outside the universe? Is there a parallel universe, a multiverse, as scientists say.

Guys, what do you think of this? Do you think there are boundaries in the universe? Welcome to comment below to discuss and express your opinion.

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