Does time really exist? Scientists speculate that time may be just a human fantasy

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I believe everyone is familiar with time. We deal with it every day and every moment. The sun rises and sets, 24 hours a year, 365 days a year, etc. all have the shadow of time, so what is the time?

After human beings entered the era of science and technology, many scientists joined the industry of exploring the mystery of time. For example, the great physicist Einstein once put forward his own view on time. He thought that time did not exist, and human beings were only deceived by memory. Einstein is such a great scientist, his every theory, every viewpoint will naturally be highly concerned by the scientific community.

So more and more scientists began to study and explore the mystery of time. Through continuous research and exploration, more and more people supported Einstein’s theory that time does not exist. So does time exist or not? Now many scientists believe that time may be just a human fantasy, and there is no concept of time in real space.

Maybe a lot of people will say, how is this possible? Don’t we deal with time every day? In fact, the concept of time in the world of human civilization is defined by ourselves, 24 hours a day is defined by ourselves, and 365 days a year is also defined by the ancients. Although the definition of these times is based on astrology, human factors are included in it.

Why do scientists think time doesn’t exist? All this needs to be analyzed from the multidimensional universe and human thinking consciousness. We all know that human beings live in a three-dimensional space. The so-called three-dimensional space is a three-dimensional space composed of length, width and height. In this space, there is no concept of time. If the concept of time is added, it is not a three-dimensional space.

In our three-dimensional space, time is uncontrollable. We can only control the present time, but not the past and future time. Therefore, the past, present and future in the eyes of human beings may only be human fantasy. Three dimensional vision is a way for human beings to look at things. Human beings can perceive three-dimensional space by touching objects, and think about the change of time dimension from the perspective of three-dimensional space.

If time exists, then it is also a dimension. Scientists guess that the four-dimensional space melts a dimension of time on the basis of three-dimensional space. Human beings can distinguish the past, present and future time through the feeling of three-dimensional time. It can be said that three-dimensional space is the main body of human life, one-dimensional time is the way of human perception of change, and human can feel the change of life through the loss of time. Therefore, the existence of one-dimensional time in three-dimensional space brings changes of human feeling.

We live in a three-dimensional world, we can feel the passing of life, we can feel people’s growth, aging and death. This feeling is based on human thinking and consciousness. Without thinking and consciousness, we can’t feel the passing of time, that is, we can’t feel the change of time.

Therefore, some scientists suspect that time may be only a human fantasy, rather than a real thing. Of course, not all scientists support this view. There are still many scientists who support the existence of time, but its essence is totally different from the concept of time defined by human beings. If there is an alien civilization, then different civilizations will have different definitions of time. Which is the real essence of time? Maybe only by becoming the ultimate civilization of the universe can we understand it.

Scientists put forward the theory of multi-dimensional universe. They think that the four-dimensional space above the three-dimensional space is formed by the fusion of three-dimensional space and time dimension. Therefore, life in the four-dimensional world has no perception of time, and there is no division of time by consciousness. To put it simply, time is meaningless in the four-dimensional world.

Scientists speculate that in the four-dimensional world, the past, the present and the future exist at the same time. When we enter the four-dimensional space, we can see a person’s past, the present and the future at the same time, and we can also intervene in time. Therefore, some people put forward such a view: time in three-dimensional space is just a concept of perception.

People living in the three-dimensional world can understand the passage of time through perception. They can perceive that time exists in the past, the present and the future, but only the present can really see and control it. But when it comes to the four-dimensional space, it is different. Because the four-dimensional space has been completely integrated into the time dimension, time has become a part of the four-dimensional space.

Therefore, in the four-dimensional space, all time will exist at the same time. The past, the present and the future exist at the same time, but they are independent of each other and do not interfere with each other. We can see that when we intervene in every period of time, time is meaningless. This is in fact the same as the two-dimensional biological perception height.

There are only long and wide dimensions in the two-dimensional world, so the creatures in the two-dimensional world can’t really see the height change, they can only understand the height through perception. Maybe many creatures in the two-dimensional world also think that height should not exist. But for us living in a three-dimensional world, do we need to perceive height? Of course, we don’t need it, because we can control the height, draw it easily, and see it clearly, so the height has lost the sense of perception in the three-dimensional world. We have no sense of height.

In three-dimensional space, time is human’s perception of the changes of objects. Human can understand the changes of objects by perceiving time. In other words, time may be a concept formed by people’s thinking. Of course, what is time? Does it exist? It is still up to scientists to explore and study continuously. To uncover the mystery of time, we may only know the existence of multi-dimensional space and that human beings can enter four-dimensional space in the future.

If human beings one day enter the four-dimensional space and see different time there, then the existence of time will no longer be doubted. Although time and space are often called as time and space, in fact, we can be sure that space exists, but time cannot. To truly reveal the mystery of time, we need to pay more. Its mystery and complexity are far beyond space.

However, we are more willing to believe that time exists. If it does not exist, it may have a huge impact on the whole human civilization. If time does not exist, then shuttling time and space back to the past and future may always be just a dream, but if time exists, then time shuttling may be realized in the future. Perhaps in the mysterious space of the universe, there is a long river of time. There are too many mysteries in the universe waiting for us to solve.

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