Does time travel exist? Scientists are puzzled by the four cultural relics left in history

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With the rise of Internet articles in recent years, the word “crossing” has become a common topic among young people. In the online novels, the theme of crossing is the most popular writing direction. Most of the popular traffic novels are the theme of crossing. The protagonist goes through the past or a new world and starts a brilliant life.

The rise of time travel online novels has also found a direction for many directors to shoot film and television works. I believe many friends know that in recent years, many of those fire TV dramas are adapted from time travel online novels.

Under the dual influence of Internet novels and film and television works, crossing has become a common fantasy for many young people. I believe you who read this article will occasionally think that you will be able to travel through time and space in your leisure time. Such a dream is not only for ordinary people, but also for many scientists.

The emergence of Einstein’s theory of relativity has theoretically told us that space-time travel is possible. If crossing really exists, it means that it is possible for future human beings to go back to the past. If there are future human beings who go back to the past, will there be any traces left in history?

Human civilization has a history of at least 5000 years. In such a long time, the ancients left many relics for later generations. It is through these things left by the ancients that we can study and explore the history of human civilization. These things left by the ancients are called cultural relics. Archaeologists found a large number of ancient objects, four of which shocked and confused modern people. They made us have to think of a possibility: crossing.

The first cultural relic: the crystal cup of the Warring States period. The crystal cup is actually a glass ring. For modern people, it is not strange. It is a common thing in people’s daily life. Glass products are modern products. The ancients more than 1000 years ago did not master such technology. If a crystal cup was found in an ancient tomb, what would you think?

I believe many people will say that this is absolutely impossible, unless someone in the future made a glass ring in ancient times. Yes, the glass ring was found in an ancient tomb more than 1000 years ago. It’s impossible to think about it. But such an impossible thing actually happened in reality. It was the crystal cup found in the tomb of Warring States by archaeologists.

In October 1990, archaeologists found a Warring States tomb in Shitang village, Banshan Town, Hangzhou, in which a transparent crystal cup was unearthed. When this crystal cup appeared in front of archaeologists, people felt shocked and incredible.

The Warring States crystal cup is 15.4cm in height, 7.8cm in diameter and 5.4cm in bottom diameter. It is light amber in color, with flocculent inclusions in some parts. It has an open body, flat lips, slanting walls, round bottom, round feet and a simple shape.

From the pictures, we can see that the Warring States crystal cup is very similar to the cup of modern technology. If such a cup is placed in front of you, you will never believe that it was made in the Warring States more than 1000 years ago. Scientists also have a lot of confusion about this crystal cup. It’s very difficult to make such a cup with the skill of the ancients more than 1000 years ago. It’s no less difficult than we want to make more advanced chips now.

The Warring States crystal cup is now the “treasure of Hangzhou Museum” and a first-class cultural relic under the state key protection, and has been listed in the “first batch of cultural relics prohibited from going abroad” catalogue.

The second cultural relic: Golden flip flop. I believe many people have worn it. People can see the figure of flip flop no matter in hot summer, rainy day or beach. This kind of convenient flip flop is loved by people all over the world.

In modern times, all kinds of flip flops are not surprising, but have you ever seen flip flops made of gold? The strangest thing is that this double character trailer was found in the tomb of the Pharaoh 3300 years ago. Seeing this pair of slippers, people can’t help but wonder whether the designer has gone back from modern times?

The third cultural relic: the ancient airplane model. The airplane is a product of modern times and was invented after mankind entered the era of science and technology. In our knowledge, it is impossible for the ancients to make airplanes, but in the pyramids of Egypt, scientists have found an incredible model of airplanes.

This is an ancient Egyptian tomb 4000 years ago. A model plane very similar to modern aircraft was found here. Maybe in many eyes, this model airplane was just invented by the ancient Egyptians, but why is it so similar to the modern airplane? Is the imagination of the ancient Egyptians so powerful?

More importantly, the proportions of various parts of this ancient aircraft model are not random, and they are very similar to those of modern aircraft. In addition, some scientists have also made a real object based on this aircraft model, and it can fly successfully, which shows that when ancient Egypt made this aircraft model, it was calculated by a very strict proportion, not at random.

If so, how did the ancient Egyptians know about airplanes 4000 years ago? Is it the modern people who cross back?

The fourth cultural relic: Mayan astronaut relief mural. I believe many people know that this is a very mysterious people. From the remains and historical records of the Mayan civilization, we know that the Mayan civilization is actually a jungle civilization. The Maya people still live in primitive society, while other primitive civilization races are very primitive and backward in all aspects.

However, the Mayan civilization is totally different. Their people live the life of primitive people, but there are many powerful technologies that are totally incompatible with the primitive civilization. As we all know, the Mayans had extraordinary knowledge in arithmetic, architecture, geography, astronomy and so on.

Especially in astronomy, the Mayans know a lot, even more than our modern people know about astronomy. This makes scientists confused. We should know that without astronomical observation equipment and advanced science and technology, it is impossible to know more information outside the earth. So how did the Mayans know?

Among the remains of the Mayan civilization, scientists found a mysterious relief mural. In this mural, we can see that this is an astronaut piloting a spaceship. This mural combines the rich knowledge of Maya in astronomy, which makes us doubt the origin of Maya civilization. Some people speculate that the Mayans may not be from the earth, but from other cosmic civilizations.

In fact, in addition to such a guess, there may be another possibility, that is, people in the future will go back to the past and live in the Mayan civilization. The man who came through told the Maya some advanced scientific knowledge. This can also explain why the Maya people’s living conditions are primitive, but they have some advanced scientific knowledge.

In fact, in addition to the above cultural relics that make us confused, there are also some cultural relics that also make people confused, such as the moire copper five column device, whose shape is very similar to modern routers. The bronze calipers as like as two peas found in the Han Dynasty were almost exactly the same as the cursors used today.

It is only a conjecture whether the above-mentioned antiquities, which are very similar to modern products, are coincidence or real existence. To understand this, we must first find out whether time travel really exists. If, in the future, scientists prove that space-time travel exists and create time machines that can travel through it, then we can travel through space-time and go back to the past. At the same time, it also shows that the mysterious cultural relics in human history may really have something to do with future people.

Guys, if you can travel through time and space in the future, will you go back to the past and change history? Welcome friends to leave a message to discuss and express their opinions.

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