Does time tunnel really exist? The answer may not be the same as many people think

The universe is so big that there are only things you haven’t seen and nothing that doesn’t exist. When human beings stand in front of the vast universe, we never know how many things in the universe are beyond our knowledge. With the rapid development of human science and technology, many mysterious events in the past have been gradually explained by science, but there are still many things that can’t be explained by science. The reason is that science has limitations. It’s not omnipotent. Everything in the universe can be explained by science, and it can’t be explained. It’s just that science hasn’t developed to a certain stage.

There are many mysteries in the universe waiting to be solved by human beings. Many people want to know whether the time-space tunnel exists or not. So does the time-space tunnel really exist? In recent years, there have been a lot of time travel novels. The protagonist has gone to a foreign world or back to the past to start a brilliant life. The plot in the novel is made up by the author, but the legend of this time-space tunnel has a long history. There are many legends about it among the people. In modern times, there have been many mysterious disappearances, and many people attribute them to the time-space tunnel events.

So is it really possible for this time-space tunnel to exist? If it is explained from Einstein’s theory of relativity, it exists in theory, but scientists have not found the existence of space-time tunnel in the real world. Some people associate time-space tunnel with wormhole and think that time-space tunnel is wormhole. In fact, this understanding is not completely correct.

For the existence of wormholes, many scientists hold a positive attitude, and now some scientists have carried out wormholes experiments in the laboratory. Although they only realized a short distance of wormholes shuttle by a particle, they also proved that the existence of wormholes is not false. But this wormhole is a different concept from the time-space tunnel we understand.

Scientists study the existence of wormholes in the universe, which is just a distance transmission channel. Through the wormhole, it is possible to travel tens of thousands of light years and millions of light years in an instant. So is this wormhole in the universe real? Through research, scientists have found that our universe is not smooth and stable. If we magnify the universe by many times, we will find that there are tiny cracks everywhere in the universe.

Behind these cracks are wormholes, which can lead to different spaces. Because these space cracks are too small, if the spaceship wants to pass through them, it needs to enlarge them first. Once there is a way to enlarge these space cracks enough for the spaceship to pass through, a wormhole will be formed. Of course, it’s not so easy to open such a wormhole. It needs powerful energy, and the current human technology can’t do it.

However, there may be a kind of natural wormhole in the universe. It may be that under special circumstances, the cracks in space expand and enlarge automatically, and finally form a wormhole. Through this wormhole, you can instantly reach the depth of the universe. These wormholes are just space portals, but they don’t have the ability to cross the alien world and the past.

So does the time-space tunnel mean that it doesn’t exist? Of course not. The reason why the wormholes mentioned just now don’t have the ability to turn back time is that they are only an application of space. If we add more mysterious and complex time probability, the situation may be completely different. We all know the existence of time, but we think that time is only defined by ourselves, which is not the essence of time at all. It is different from the concept of time when the universe was born.

What is time? Scientists do not know that it is more complex than the concept of space, and it is the most mysterious thing in the universe. Although we understand the essence of time, we can feel the existence of time. The space-time tunnel is the combination of space and time. Only when these two concepts are possessed at the same time can it be regarded as a real space-time tunnel, which can cross space-time, return to the past and future, and even cross other latitudes.

Scientists can prove the existence of wormhole in the laboratory, but they can’t prove the existence of space-time tunnel, because there is a concept of time in it, and human’s cognition of the essence of the concept of time is a blank. We can explore a certain concept of space, but it is difficult to understand the concept of time, which seems to be a kind of nothingness, but we can not ignore its existence.

Some people may say that there may be naturally formed wormholes in the universe. Is there also a naturally formed space-time tunnel? This is not entirely impossible, the mystery of the universe is beyond our imagination, the emergence of possible time and space tunnel is not uncommon. Of course, this probability is very small. The combination of space and time needs to be in a specific situation to form a space-time tunnel. This probability is too small, but we completely deny its existence.

Therefore, for the existence of time-space tunnel, scientists can only theoretically think that it is possible to exist, but it is too difficult to prove it in reality, which is far from what human existing technology can do. Perhaps with the rapid development of human science and technology, we will be able to understand more and more about space and time in the future, and we may also find some clues about the tunnel of time and space. The best thing is to really find a stable time-space tunnel in the real world, which is the most powerful proof. At that time, I believed that there was no doubt about the existence of time-space tunnel, but now, we can only regard it as something that still exists in theory.

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