Does time tunnel really exist? The ship that has been missing for 8 years appears again, and the passenger’s face remains unchanged!

Human civilization has lasted for thousands of years. In the long time, there are still many unsolved mysteries waiting for human beings to solve. These unsolved mysteries are more and more strange. I don’t know if you still remember the legend of Bermuda delta. Ships and planes often disappear in this sea area. This is not the most strange place. After a few years, these disappeared ships and planes will reappear, but the goods and passengers on board have not changed. What’s the matter?

Over the years, Bermuda delta has been full of controversy. In order to solve the mystery of the disappearance of ships and planes, scientists have come here many times to investigate. Some people think that there is a strong magnetic field in the Bermuda delta, so when ships and planes pass through this area, radar and communication will fail, and they will sink to the bottom of the sea and disappear. Some people think that the Bermuda delta is actually the entrance to the parallel universe, and the ships that disappear and reappear are likely to go to another time and space.

The Bermuda delta was first discovered by Columbus 500 years ago. Although the technology level is very backward, Columbus also made such a record at that time. He claimed that when he saw the Bermuda delta, there had been nine consecutive days of stormy weather on the sea, and he could not see the road ahead in the ocean. In addition, 40 years ago, there was a strange incident in Bermuda delta. A ship disappeared for eight years reappeared, and the six crew members on board did not change. Is this true?

The disappearing ship

It was in 1981. The ship was called Haifeng. According to the travel plan, there were six crew members on board. At first, everything was normal. But when the ship arrived at the Bermuda delta, a strange phenomenon suddenly happened. The ground staff couldn’t monitor the ship’s signal, so they quickly sent a search and rescue team to look for it, but they didn’t find any trace of the ship, just like the human world evaporated. At the beginning, some people speculated that maybe the ship was hit by thunderstorm and sank to the bottom of the sea. But after textual research, we found that the weather in this sea area was very normal, and there was no storm at all.

The search and rescue operation lasted for more than a month, and no trace was found, so the incident was slowly forgotten. Unexpectedly, eight years later, the ship appeared on the sea again in 1989 and anchored on the wharf. Surprisingly, the appearance of the six crew members on board did not change. They claimed that they only floated on the sea for a while and then came back. Unexpectedly, it took eight years.

This event attracted the attention of the scientific community. Even many UFO experts went to explore it. No matter what kind of test they carried out, the six staff members were unable to explain the phenomenon of that day. Until now, these events are still unsolved mysteries. After seeing this event, many people believe that Bermuda delta must have something to do with the parallel universe, and there may be space-time Tunnel. But Xiaobian thinks that these things are too far away from us, but there is no video record. These events are just handed down from mouth to mouth, and we can’t guarantee the authenticity. I don’t know what you think?

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