Don’t be fooled by the surface of octopus, its unique skills may not belong to the earth creatures!

Octopus is not an earth creature, it comes from an alien planet? We have misunderstood it for a long time!

Looking up at the sky, you will see the vast sea of stars, carrying the endless yearning for the universe. In order to express this feeling, ancient poets repose their feelings in their poems, leaving many famous ancient poems. There are always various myths and legends among the people, such as Chang’e flying to the moon, cowherd and weaver girl, etc. They all have a certain connection with the universe. Once upon a time, this was a dream that could not be touched. Since the improvement of science and technology, human beings can finally rely on the power of science and technology to enter the universe and fulfill their wishes for several years.

Is human the only life on earth?

It was thought that human beings are not alone in the universe, and there are many other lives in the universe. Only when we really move towards the universe, can we completely refresh our previous cognition. The universe is not as lively as we thought. On the contrary, it is dead, gloomy and lifeless. It seems to have no end, just like a silent Island, where human beings are eager to find their own companions, It’s been a long time, but it’s still fruitless. This makes people wonder, is it true that only human beings are the only living beings in the universe? If there are other life forms, why haven’t they appeared yet? Octopus is not an earth creature, it comes from an alien planet? We have misunderstood it for a long time!

Although human beings have not found any trace in outer space, they have found a questionable creature on earth, which is the octopus that we all know well. Octopus is a kind of mollusk. It has many tentacles. Many biologists have put forward a view that octopus may not be a creature on earth. It may come from an alien planet and follow the ice comet 570 million years ago to arrive on earth. After years of evolution and breeding, the new form of octopus has come into being. Why do we say that octopus comes from an alien planet?

What are the differences in the body structure of octopus?

Octopus body structure is different from other animals, it has three hearts, the three hearts division of labor is clear, each has its own function. The most unforgettable thing is that it has eight nerve covered wrists and feet with strong adsorption. If the octopus is locked in a sealed bottle, it can use the advantage of its body to open the bottle. Such a body structure has aroused the curiosity of many scientists.

In addition, it has two memory systems, one for the brain and the other for its tentacles. Having eight tentacles means it can use more than one hand. The most important thing is that octopus has a conceptual thinking that ordinary people can’t understand. It can not only solve the puzzles that human beings can’t break through, but also walk on two feet underwater. Such octopus is complicated and confusing. It seems to have unique genetic properties on the surface. In fact, it’s far more than that simple. Its complexity is beyond the scope of human cognition.

Although it has many skills that creatures don’t have, it also loses some things. Its evolution process is much slower than that of ordinary creatures. Seeing that it has so many special skills, more and more scientists think it is an alien creature. As for whether or not, there is not enough scientific basis. Do you think Octopus really does not belong to the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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