Don’t throw the used toilet paper into the dustbin. Be careful that the virus in the toilet exceeds the standard!

Did your mother teach you since childhood: smash the toilet, toilet paper must be thrown into the garbage can next door after going to the toilet, do you know, or the toilet will be blocked, do you know Have you ever found that even the toilets in public places are equipped with a wastebasket, and some even put up the slogan “please throw the used toilet paper in”.

Otherwise, the seemingly clean toilet, we develop the habit of using toilet paper, of course, do not want to throw it into the garbage can, we will think that this is the people who talk about hygiene! So have you ever thought about the viruses hidden in the bathroom that we can’t see with our naked eyes?

Now let’s introduce the virus hidden in the bathroom!

Famous American oncologist Dr. mangos once pointed out: “in residential buildings, the risk of cancer is the highest in the bathroom, because there are too many chemicals stored in the bathroom.”

The garbage can in the toilet, because the toilet is much more humid than other places, contains a large number of harmful bacteria such as Enterobacteriaceae, and the bacterial reproduction speed is relatively fast. So, in the environment with more bacteria, we should not put toilet paper into the garbage bin after going to the toilet. If we keep putting it, we can only put more bacteria into the environment with more bacteria!

But some people tend to think that if the used toilet paper is not put in the garbage can, will it not block the toilet? Actually, this problem has been solved for a long time. There is no need to worry that the toilet will be blocked by used toilet paper. So, rest assured, the current toilet structure will not be blocked because of the toilet thrown in.

So ah! For our physical and mental health! Don’t throw used toilet paper into the garbage can. It will double the bacteria in your bathroom!

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