Don’t use the public toilet to dry your cell phone, otherwise your hands will be washed in vain

With the improvement of health awareness, we all follow the saying that we should “wash our hands” before and after meals. So every time we go to the toilet and wash our hands, have you ever used an automatic dryer? Does it really make our hands clean?

Originally, Xiaobian never pays attention to these things, but when you are pointed at by the nose in the toilet, you should pay attention to it It was an embarrassing day, which is still fresh in Xiaobian’s memory. On that day, Xiaobian went to the toilet to solve his life’s major problems. When he looked at his watch, he ordered a meal and washed his hands. After washing your hands, pull them down. You say Xiaobian still owes a lot to dry. As a result, it doesn’t matter. An old lady comes out! The old lady said to Xiaobian: “you say that you young people have to waste electricity when you wash your hands. You use it in the right place. What kind of automatic cell phone is used to wash your hands in vain.”. what the hell…. Xiaobian immediately became angry and took it back on the spot. He said angrily, “what’s the relationship between my hand drying and you? Besides, I’m trying to make my hands cleaner.”. Xiao Bian, that’s a well-organized and well-organized story.

As a result, the old lady looked at me with disdain and said, it’s cleaner, bah! It’s terrible to have no culture. Then she shook her head and left…. To the small gas, that called a burning anger, anger, instantly picked up the mobile phone, found a nearby toilet sat up, regardless of the surrounding is emitting bursts of “fragrance” place, took out the mobile phone, a crazy search. As a result, when we see the scientific explanation, Xiaobian is like a deflated ball!

good heavens! Let’s not say that Xiaobian hasn’t lived in vain for so many years, and his hands have been washed in vain for so many years. It turns out that with the development of the times, the country has made more and more rapid progress, and many things have become more and more advanced, but some things have fatal “defects” at the same time! Automatic dryer is one of them. When I think of Xiaobian’s hand drying for the sake of cleanliness, I feel like he has been kicked by a donkey for more than ten years.

Compared with the hand dryer, the automatic hand dryer is more like a vessel for bacterial culture, which not only weakens the effect of hand washing, but also spreads diseases. The hand dryer placed in the bathroom is in a warm and humid state for a long time. Such conditions are very suitable for bacteria breeding and survival. When we dry the hand, the bacteria attached to the mouth of the hand dryer for a long time will fall clean It is conceivable that if the former is an infectious disease patient, the latter will face 50% infectious disease. Xiaobian doesn’t dare to think about it. When he thinks about it, he feels that he has been struck by thunder. Although it’s not a 100% chance, he just catches up with dianbei in the 50% distance. Isn’t it a natural disaster! It’s like standing under a big tree in a thunderstorm, laughing at how other people can be struck by thunder. As soon as you finish, Kaba will say goodbye.

So how can it be cleaner and safer? Xiaobian tells you that it’s actually “drying” (the so-called natural drying, in other words, it doesn’t need to be wiped) to shake up with Xiaobian according to the rhythm, and to shake up with me, with clean hands! Some experiments show that the probability of reducing bacteria by 97.2% can effectively avoid the invasion of bacteria, and can also reduce the risk of contacting with infectious diseases, while the probability of reducing bacteria by 80% can only be reduced by automatic dryer, with a difference of nearly 20 percentage points.

In the face of this answer, do you think it’s incredible? If you think what Xiaobian said is useful, please praise it. If you have any different opinions, you are welcome to put forward!

This article is the original work of Meng Kaixin, the author of Jiujian

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