Dozens of scientists have found extraterrestrial life on earth. It may be on your plate!

You often see some sci-fi movies, in which there are many different kinds of aliens, which come from the free imagination of human beings. Sometimes, we find that some inspiration seems to come from a creature in the ocean – octopus.

An academic paper published by British scientists has shocked people. Originally, octopus is a real alien! When a netizen saw the news, he commented that no matter how powerful it was, it was put on the table, iron plate, sashimi, braised pork

Hundreds of years ago, the biologist Darwin put forward the theory of evolution, which has been widely recognized. However, according to the theory of evolution, different organisms should have evolved. About 540 million years ago, great changes have taken place in the life on the earth, and different organisms have been produced. Then, with the passage of time, a variety of different organisms are moving in different directions Development and evolution are the “Cambrian explosion”. There is no transitional organism in the process of evolution in the Cambrian biological explosion. Some theories believe that octopus parachuted to earth from another planet in the universe hundreds of millions of years ago by means of “frozen eggs”.

Because: Octopus appear in the complex characteristics of evolution seems to be a bit unreasonable. The more prominent features of its evolution are the brain and complex nervous system, camera like eyes, and flexible body. It also has the super ability to instantly change color and shape. Octopus has a fairly developed brain, which can distinguish itself in the mirror. It can also walk out of the maze designed by scientists and eat crabs in the maze. The complexity of their genomes is astonishing. They have 33000 protein codes, even surpassing human genes. These transformable genes, from the common ancestor Nautilus to cuttlefish and squid, are hard to find. This shows that octopus seems to have evolved through an advanced evolutionary process, or come from another planet in the deep universe.

“We believe that octopus genes come from space and are frozen or preserved in fertilized Octopus eggs. Frozen squid or octopus eggs arrived in the form of cold celestial bodies hundreds of millions of years ago, which is the most reasonable explanation for the sudden appearance of octopus on earth about 270 million years ago

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