Draw an eye on the butt of a cow, and you can avoid the attack of wild animals. Is there any scientific basis for this?

Nature itself is the world of the jungle. Lions and tigers stand at the top of the animal kingdom and are the number one enemies in the eyes of many animals. For farmers and farmers, these large animals sometimes attack their own livestock and even humans. In order to avoid the attack of these large creatures, people have come up with a variety of methods. In foreign countries, farmers can prepare a shotgun to protect themselves, but not all farmers in the world can hold guns. How to prevent the sneak attack of wild animals?


Many farmers will choose to build fences around their houses to protect their livestock, but what should they do if they want to take their livestock to pasture? If we can’t pay attention to every move of livestock all the time, then we are likely to be caught by wild animals. Seeing this phenomenon and foreign farmers think of a special method, that is to draw a pair of eyes on the buttocks of livestock, so as to avoid the attack of wild animals. Some people think that wild animals are not indistinguishable. How can they shrink when they see a pair of painted eyes? Is this method really feasible?


The function of drawing eyes on cattle buttocks


In a farm in Africa, large creatures attack livestock almost every day. Because this farm is located in the delta state, the ecological environment is very suitable, so there are many wild animals living here, elephants, lions, tigers have become frequent visitors. Because the environment here is very suitable for survival, so people also raise a lot of livestock, which provides a lot of food for wild animals. At the beginning, farmers will choose to use guns or poison to fight against wild animals, but the effect is short-lived. If they want to completely get rid of the attack of wild animals, they need a longer-term method. Therefore, some wildlife biologists put forward a special view. If you draw a pair of big eyes on the buttocks of livestock, can you avoid the attack?


In order to prove the feasibility of this method, scientists once conducted a special experiment. They found a large-scale farm and divided 2000 cattle into three groups. They drew a pair of eyes on the buttocks of the first group of cattle, drew two cross marks on the buttocks of the second group of cattle, and did nothing for the third group of cattle. The scientists mixed the three groups of cattle together. When they were grazing, the scientists were also paying attention to their every move. This experiment lasted for more than four years. If the color of the eyes became lighter, the researchers would paint them again.


experimental result


After four years of experiments, the results are gratifying. Animals with eyes painted have not been attacked by wild animals in four years, while 15 cattle without eyes painted have been eaten by wild animals. Therefore, scientists believe that if you draw eyes on the buttocks of livestock, it can play a role in avoiding attacks.


In fact, this is also the use of the principle of mimicry in nature to simulate the shape and state of nature. In some cases, it can completely confuse the real with the false, so as to protect itself. In this way, the charm of nature is too great, there are still many skills waiting for human to learn, I don’t know what you think?

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