Due to human negligence, there are less than 50 desert fish that have evolved for 50000 years!

Due to human negligence, there are less than 50 desert fish that have evolved for 50000 years!


Desert and oasis, the two concepts are very different, desert gives the impression that the environment is bad. Water shortage for a long time can be regarded as a forbidden area for human beings. Many people who went to explore never came back, so we all look at the desert with a kind of fear. The oasis is different. The oasis has a good environment, growing all kinds of vegetation and animals, and is full of vitality. Many people want to turn all the deserts on earth into oases. The desert and oasis have always been in a balanced interface If all the deserts on the earth disappear, it may not be a good thing, and it may bring endless disasters.


Desert fish first discovered by human


When explorers were in North America, they found a place called Death Valley, which is dry and hot all the year round. It is said that there is a natural cave here, and another nickname is devil’s cave. Why do you call it that? This cave is connected with the underground river. It is said that many creatures live here. When explorers came to this place, they found a kind of fish that they had never seen before. It is desert fish, also known as moqiang, which is a new species on earth. Due to human negligence, there are less than 50 desert fish that have evolved for 50000 years!


Not surprisingly, it has a history of tens of thousands of years. Because the environment is too closed, its body function has changed a lot. After research, it was found that desert fish are very different from ordinary fish. Usually, when fish breathe underwater, they will jump to the surface when they lack oxygen. Desert fish, on the contrary, lack oxygen for a long time in the devil’s cave, so it now has the ability to live without oxygen.


It is a rare species on the earth. At that time, there were more than 300 desert fish. Due to the lack of protection consciousness of many people, the number of this kind of fish is increasing. Now there are only less than 50, which is very rare. Some scientists have come up with a very radical idea to artificially raise desert fish and build a suitable environment for them to become their refuge.


The reason why desert fish can’t be raised artificially


Although the idea is good, it is difficult to really act. Deserts are not interfered by human beings for a long time. If they are interfered by human beings, their living habits may change greatly. This method is totally impractical. It has the characteristics of anaerobic. It lives in a closed space without natural enemies. If they are transported to a complex aquatic environment, they will die completely within two days. Although humans want to help them survive and reproduce, these methods are not practical.


The rule of survival of the fittest has always been followed in nature. Desert fish have evolved for tens of thousands of years without much change. It can be seen that they do not want to evolve, not that they can’t evolve. If human intervention leads to the extinction of desert fish, the gain is not worth the loss. If we want to maintain the ecological integrity of the earth, we must first learn to live in harmony with all the creatures in nature and be able to find this kind of desert fish It’s a big surprise. Don’t turn it into sorrow. What else do you think can save desert fish? You can leave a message for interaction.

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