Due to the strange phenomena on earth, human beings may live in virtual programs and are controlled by alien civilizations

We have long been in an uproar about the suspected alien events on earth, because in the past few decades, UFOs have emerged one after another. Unfortunately, in this case, scientists do not have any evidence to prove the existence of “they”. In addition to the current technological limitations of human beings, there is also a very important reason, even if If there are aliens, our human level will be far behind them.


In a short time, this situation can not be solved at all, so many people have doubts about this situation, that is, humans are likely controlled by aliens, and we humans live in the alien world. According to this conjecture, scientists have given a probability event, that is, there is at least a 20% probability of the existence of aliens in the simulation process. Therefore, in this case, human beings are very important Like scientists have been exploring the universe, looking for the key points to make breakthrough progress, but in the future, it will be a long time to wait.

In fact, in the face of such a problem, human beings did not put forward it for the first time. As early as last century, Fermi, a scientist, put forward the Fermi paradox, which was a global sensation at that time. Compared with the universe, the earth is a very ordinary planet. Therefore, life can only appear on the earth, and under such circumstances, there are still many suspicious and alien phenomena on the earth The appearance of relevant things is enough to show that the possibility of human survival in the simulation process is very small.


In addition, according to the previous research of scientists, the cycle of a day on earth is about 24 hours, but such time allocation is impossible to match with that of human beings. In other words, human beings are likely to live under the control of advanced civilization. Of course, there are many differences in these extremely incompatible situations.


For example, human beings on earth can’t resist ultraviolet rays at all, and many animals can resist the sun’s exposure. But human beings are so special that they can easily cause many skin cancer symptoms. Of course, there are many analyses on the conditions that human beings are not suitable for living on earth, so whether human beings live in the simulated world of aliens becomes a probability There is no way to talk about events, but there are also many phenomena that are difficult to explain by science.

Therefore, there are sufficient reasons for these reasons on the earth, which need to be broken through by scientists. In addition, there are still many unknown explorations due to the limitations of science and technology on the earth, so it is a long time to study this condition.


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