Dutch scientists discovered “face ceramics” more than 7000 years ago, with “antennae” on the head!

Where are we from? Where do people go after death? These problems have been perplexing the scientific community for many years. Although Darwin’s theory of evolution has become a classic in many textbooks, with the development of science and technology, the theory of human origin is also facing many controversies. Some people think that the ancestors of humans are ancient apes, while others think that humans evolved from prehistoric sharks.


However, some scientists have put forward such a crazy view. They think that life on earth is not born naturally, but comes from other galaxies. There are tens of thousands of stars and galaxies in the universe. Asteroids and comets are responsible for spreading the seeds of life to all parts of the universe. When these seeds of life come to the livable planet, they can also give birth to life, so it is very important to understand them They think that life on earth also appears in this way. Some people think that humans are just experimental objects created by aliens. They are watching our every move in an unknown corner, but we don’t know it.


No matter which is the origin of human beings, we have been reproducing on the earth for millions of years, which has become an indisputable fact. In so many years, human beings have also created a brilliant scientific and technological civilization. In order to study human civilization, scientists have been in the process of archaeology. They have excavated a large number of cultural relics, which is of great significance for us to understand that era. Of course, some cultural relics look very strange, and even subvert human cognition. This year, Polish scientists made an amazing discovery.


Face ceramics


It turns out that Polish scientists discovered a face ceramic in Krakow during archaeology. This face ceramic also has long horns. After scientists analyzed it, they found that it has existed for more than 7000 years. The face ceramic found by scientists is located in biscupice. In fact, scientists have excavated a large number of stone age cultural relics in this place. So far, they have unearthed more than 3000 cultural relics. Just this year, they excavated three ancient relics and found broken face ceramics.


When scientists restored the face ceramic, they found that it was not as simple as we thought. The width of the face ceramic reached 10 cm, and the facial features were clearly visible, but there were two sharp antennae above the eyes. These two antennae are made of volcanic obsidian, which is impossible to appear in Poland. This face ceramic has also caused a shock in the scientific community. Therefore, some scientists believe that this face ceramic is likely to have something to do with aliens.


Aliens coming to earth?


These people think that at that time, aliens may have come to the earth. When the earth people saw the aliens, they had friendly exchanges, and the aliens also taught human science and technology at that time, so human beings depicted the appearance of aliens. It seems that this statement can be justified, but in fact, we have not found any trace of life on other planets, so it is groundless to say that aliens came to earth. This face ceramic may have nothing to do with aliens. Archaeologists believe that this face ceramic is likely to be an ornament. At that time, human beings yearned for gods very much. They added tentacles to the face, which may represent a special meaning.


Until now, this face ceramic has been protected by scientists. Some people think that if scientists can solve the secret of this face ceramic, there may be a new definition of the origin of human beings. Maybe there are countless seeds of life in the universe. Aliens have brought the seeds of life to all parts of the universe, and the earth is just one of the habitable stars The ball, therefore, gave birth to life. With the accelerated pace of human exploration of the universe, we believe that we will be able to find a second habitable planet in the future. At that time, our civilization will enter a new peak.

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