Each of the five animals that nature creates miracles of life span is the pride of the animal kingdom

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There are more than millions of animals on the earth, no matter they are tiny microorganisms or intelligent life, human beings can not escape a law that the universe has imposed on life: the law of life and death. Any animal will die. The only difference is that different animals have different lifespan. Some animals have very short lifespan, while others have relatively long lifespan.


Is there a limit to the life span of animals? Aristotle, an ancient Greek scientist and philosopher, believed that “those with long growth period have long life span”. The famous French biologist Bafeng pointed out that the life span of mammals is about 5-7 times that of the growth period, which is usually called Bafeng coefficient or Bafeng life span coefficient.

According to the Bafeng life coefficient, scientists can calculate the limit life of various animals according to their growth period. Is the limit life of animals calculated by this Bafeng life coefficient correct? If we analyze it from a holistic perspective, the life limit calculated by this Bafeng life coefficient is still reasonable. At least no one has been able to break through the life limit.

It’s just that there are not only human beings in nature, but also millions of other kinds of animals. There are always animal life limits that can break the Bafeng life coefficient. Now let’s learn about five of them. They have broken the life limit, and each of them is a miracle in the animal world.


1、 I believe everyone is familiar with rabbits. This is a very possible small animal, and also a very timid animal. Any wind and grass will make rabbits panic, they are herbivores, like to eat all kinds of grass, although rabbits are people’s food on the table, but because of their lovely and weak character, let a lot of people will rabbit as a colossal thing to raise.

Zoologists say that the life span of rabbits is generally relatively short, only five to six years, and even better rabbits will not be more than 10 years old. But in Tasmania, Australia, there is a rabbit that breaks the life limit. The rabbit, named “fropsy”, was originally a hare and became a pet rabbit after being arrested on August 6, 1964. After being arrested, fropsy lived another 18 years and 11 months. That is to say, the life span of “fropsy” will not be less than 20 years old.


“Fropsy” has lived out the myth of the rabbit world. Its life span is about four times that of the ordinary rabbit. It has to be said that this is a miracle in the animal world. The “fropsy”, which can live several times as long as the life span of an ordinary immune child, has not been broken by any living creature in the animal kingdom. Although the life span of human beings is several times longer than that of “fropsy”, human beings can not live to hundreds of years. The life span of the “fropser” is about 300 years old.

2、 The old cat “krampuff”, there are two common things in the human world, one is the dog, the other is the cat. In terms of appearance, cats are much more beautiful than dogs, so among women, cats are the most popular animals.

The average life span of a cat is much longer than that of a rabbit, about 30 years. According to the Bafeng life coefficient, the cat’s ultimate life is about 30 years old. Basically, no cat can live to this limit, but there is a long-lived cat that breaks this limit. Its name is “Clem PAV”.


Krampuff is a female tabby cat. She was born on August 3, 1967 and died on August 6, 2005. She has lived 38 years and 3 days. The cat’s life expectancy has also set a Guinness world record. Although the limit of her life span can’t be compared with that of the long-lived cat named “fropsy”, krampuff still ranks the first in the cat world, and has not changed any more The long lived cat broke its record.

3、 Billy, a long-lived horse, has made a great contribution to human civilization. We should know that in ancient times, when there was no science and technology, people had to rely on horses to travel far away. In ancient times, the value of a good horse was very high. Ordinary people could not afford to buy a horse. As human beings enter the era of science and technology, with more developed means of transportation, horse walking has also withdrawn from the stage of history.


Up to now, horses are basically raised by people. Better horses are also very valuable. People use them to participate in all kinds of Marseilles. The life span of a horse is about the same as that of a cat, which is between 20 and 30 years old. But a horse named “Billy” has reached the age of 62, which is another miracle to break the limit of life.

Billy is not a carefree horse. On the contrary, when he was young, he often carried out all kinds of gravity work. As we all know, once the horse is young, it will have a shorter life span, which is far less than that of the horse who has not been gravity alive. But “Billy” participated in all kinds of gravity activities, and still lived brilliantly. Some people say that if Billy didn’t do all kinds of gravity work when he was young, but ate well and drank well, he might be able to live a few more years.

4、 Harriet, the longevity tortoise, I believe many friends have heard of “the king of the millennium, the tortoise of 80000 years”. From this sentence, we can see that the tortoise is a kind of animal with a relatively long life. At that time, the tortoise could not live to ten thousand years. In fact, under normal circumstances, the tortoise’s life span was not as long as people thought, which was generally about 20 to 30 years. A few turtles can live to be over 30 years old.


If you want to ask which kind of animals in the animal kingdom are most likely to have longevity, it must be the tortoise. Although the average life span of the tortoise is about 30 years old, due to the particularity of this group, some miracles with extremely long life span often appear among them. The main reason why turtles are prone to longevity is that they have very few natural enemies.

Turtles are very lazy by nature. They basically live on the bottom of the sea and rarely move. Moreover, they have a very hard shell. When they are in danger, they will shrink into the tortoise shell. Other creatures are very difficult to break through the tortoise shell. So turtles are rarely eaten by natural enemies. Most of them can live to the end of their lives. Unlike other animals, they have been eaten by natural enemies before the end of their lives.


In the tortoise family, it is easy to give birth to long-lived people, but very few tortoises can break the limit of life. One of them, the Galapagos tortoise named “Harriet”, was born in 1830. He was brought back to England by Darwin in 1835, and then went to Australia and died there. He was 176 years old. It is the longest living crustacean reptile in Guinness World Records.

5、 Living fossil sponges, marine organisms are prone to long-lived life. The tortoise just described is the long-lived one in the ocean. In Hawaii, 7000 feet under the sea, researchers found the largest sponge ever. The sponge is about 2.1 meters long and 3.7 meters wide, the size of a van.

Sponges are very old creatures, which originated from Cambrian period 570-500 million years ago, and there are about 5000 species. They vary in shape from massive, tubular, branched, umbrella shaped, cup-shaped, fan-shaped or amorphous, ranging in size from extremely small to 2 meters long, and often form a thin overburden on the attached substrate.


The life span of sponge animals is generally very long. Scientists can’t determine the specific age of the van sized sponge that researchers found on the bottom of Hawaii, but judging from its size, it may have lived for thousands of years at least. It is the oldest living animal ever discovered by human beings.

In addition to the above five miracle animals that break the life limit, there are many animals in nature that break the life limit. In particular, marine life, because our exploration of the ocean is only 10%, we do not know much about marine life. It is possible that there are still more ancient creatures living in unknown marine areas.

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