Each of the five phenomena that modern science can’t explain makes people confused and puzzled

The earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago, and soon after it was formed, the earth had the conditions for the birth of life under the influence of various coincidences, so the life of the earth appeared. After countless times of evolution and evolution, there is now a planet of intelligent civilization.

Human civilization appeared 5000 years ago, and entered the era of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago. After entering the era of science and technology, human beings began to explore and study the world continuously. With the help of scientific forces, mysteries were solved one by one. But the mystery that can’t be solved is still much larger than the one that has been solved. Today, let’s take a look at the five phenomena that modern science can’t explain, each of which is eye opening and confusing.

1. Why do people and animals yawn? I believe many friends have experienced yawning. Sometimes we will yawn inadvertently, especially when we are tired. Everyone has many yawning experiences in his life.

Maybe in the eyes of many people, it is natural and common for people to yawn. What is there to study. But for scientists, yawning is not so simple. Until now, scientists still can’t really understand why humans yawn. And it’s not only people who yawn, but also many animals. So why do people and animals yawn?


In this regard, scientists have also proposed several possible reasons. One reason is that yawning may be a manifestation of brain hypoxia. Through the deep breathing movement of yawning, the human body can increase oxygen in the blood and emit more carbon dioxide, thus making people more energetic. This explanation is not totally unreasonable, because people yawn most easily when they are sleepy.

After yawning, many people will find that they are not as sleepy as before, and their spirits are much better. Another explanation is that yawning can make people get the best rest physically and psychologically, which is a function of human natural physiological protection. No matter what the real reason for yawning is, scientists generally believe that yawning is a beneficial behavior, whether it is for people or animals. Even if it is beneficial to us, when we want to yawn, we should not deliberately obstruct it, but let it happen naturally.

2. Humpback whales began to live in groups instead of alone. The earth is a planet with 71% ocean area. Although terrestrial life is abundant, it is still inferior to marine life. The early life of the earth also originated from the ocean, and the ancestors of terrestrial life also evolved from marine life.

It is still unknown how many species there are in the ocean. The study of life changes of marine organisms will also help us to understand the changes of marine ecology. As we all know, both terrestrial and marine organisms have the most basic living habits, which are formed in tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years and will not change easily. For example, creatures that come out at night usually don’t move easily during the day. Tigers are solitary creatures, so they don’t easily change their habits and live in groups.


If we find that a certain organism’s living habits have changed, it must be a significant change in a certain part of the earth’s ecosystem. Although humpback whales are not the largest cetaceans in the world, they are also well deserved giants in the ocean. They are bulky and bulky. The average adult body length of humpback whales is 12.9 meters for males and 13.7 meters for females, with the largest record of 18 meters for females. Weight 25-30 tons. Its head is relatively small, flat and flat, with a wide snout and a large mouth. There are 20-30 tumor like protrusions on the edge of the mouth. Interestingly, a hair grows on each protrusion, while no hair grows on other parts of the body.

Although humpback whales are cetaceans, but its temperament is very docile, it has become a marine species that scientists focus on. Humpback whale is an ancient marine species, it has always been like living alone species, at most is a pair of activities. However, after 2017, a study from the University of Pretoria showed that in recent years, humpback whales began to end their solitary activities, gather together and begin to live in groups.

What’s going on? Why do humpback whales, who have lived alone for countless years, live together now? This kind of phenomenon is like a tiger living alone. It’s like a lion living in a house. It’s incredible. The sudden change in the living habits of humpback whales is not that they like to live in groups just because they have a fever in the head, but the most likely is that there may be some unknown major changes in the marine ecosystem, forcing humpback whales to give up their past life alone.

What causes humpback whales to change their solitary life? Now scientists don’t know. Although it seems to be just a change in the living habits of large marine organisms, the significance behind it may be very important. It is possible that some major changes are taking place in the marine ecological environment, which can not be detected by human beings, but the organisms living in the ocean all the year round have already sensed in advance, so they have made changes in their living habits.


3. Strange craters and craters are familiar to all of us. When we observe the moon, we can see that there are countless craters on the surface of the moon. Although the earth has a thick atmosphere to protect it from most of the meteorite attacks, a small part of it will finally hit the ground, leaving craters.

We naturally have nothing to study about ordinary craters, but there is a peculiar crater in Siberia. The diameter of the crater is about 160 meters, and the part on the ground is 45 meters high. It looks like a huge mound from a distance. Of course, it is not a mound, but a pile of broken limestone. Local people call it the “fire eagle nest”.

This peculiar crater has attracted the attention of scientists. According to the research reports of scientists, it may have been formed 500 years ago. It is not difficult to judge its formation time by current science and technology, but what caused it has always been a mystery. Through research, scientists basically ruled out the impact of celestial bodies, so some people speculated that it might be caused by the crash of an alien spacecraft. If it was caused by the crash of an alien spacecraft, where did the crashed spacecraft go? The mystery may never be solved.

4. There are many strange cat grunts. I believe there are many friends who like to keep cats now. There have been many legends about cats in the past and this year. For example, cats have nine lives, and their eyes can see things we can’t see. Of course, what we’re going to talk about today is the purr of cats.


I believe many friends who have raised cats know that cats like to purr. For thousands of years, why cats purr has been an unsolved mystery. Although scientists have made many explanations for this, there is no consensus and there are still many controversies.

Some scientists think that the cat’s purr may be a unique language for communication, but we don’t know what it means. Human beings have complex language, so animals naturally have their own language. Although it is not as complex as human language, we can’t help believing in the existence of animal language. Now scientific research has found that plants also have their own simple language.

Now we have a lot of speculation about the reason why cats purr, or the majority of cat friends in their daily life, when they interact with cats. For example, when the cat friends find out what kind of situations the cat will purr, only when they understand what kind of situations the cat will purr, can they really uncover the reasons for its purr.

Careful cat owners have found that when a female cat gives birth to a kitten, it often purrs, so cat friends speculate that this may be to let the newborn invisible kitten know her mother’s position. Therefore, the cat’s purr may be a way for adult female cats to protect their children. In addition, when the female cat sucks the kitten, it will also make a gurgling sound, which may be to encourage the kitten to eat more milk.



The purr of a cat can also be regarded as a way for cats to communicate with each other. If some cats purr, it may indicate that they are very happy. So grunting can be considered as a kind of cat smile. Some people think that cat’s purr may be a kind of language they communicate with people or other animals.

Cat friends will often find that when cats get along with their owners very well, they will also grunt. This may be that cats are telling their owners that they are very happy and happy, which is a form of coquetry. Of course, all the explanations for why cats purr are just guessing. Humans don’t know animal language, and we can’t really understand what purr means. Maybe in the future, scientists will be able to develop an animal language translator, so that humans can communicate with animals and understand the meaning of cat’s purr.

Guys, what do you think of the above four phenomena that science can’t explain? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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