Each of the six wonders of the earth has opened people’s eyes to the wonder of nature

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The earth is the home of human survival, in addition to a variety of species rich creatures, there are many strange landscapes, which together constitute the beautiful planet, so what are the strange and spectacular scenery on the earth? In fact, there are many beautiful landscapes on the earth. Today, we choose eight of them, each of which is an eye opener and a wonder of nature.

1、 Caihong mountain, maybe many people have heard of Himalayas, Alps, Kunlun Mountains, Fuji mountains, etc. these mountains are very magnificent, which are very spectacular on the surface of the earth. They are all the top 10 mountains on the earth. In addition to these magnificent mountains, the earth also has a very famous mountain, it is rainbow mountain.


Many people may not have heard of rainbow mountain, which is located in the Andes of Peru, in the Cusco region of Peru, with an altitude of about 5200 meters. Caihong mountain is famous for its unique mountain color like a rainbow. The origin of the name of rainbow mountain is also because of these peculiar colors, which means “colorful earth mountain”. On the top of the mountain is an unusual round peak called tishiolua, which means “owl habitat”.

Why can rainbow mountain form some beautiful colors like rainbow? Scientists do not have a good answer, but scientists believe that the formation of such a characteristic color mountain may be related to the frequent volcanic activities in the past. It is the frequent volcanic activities in the past that give the mountain its unique beauty. As for how volcanic activities affect the formation of mountain color, further research is needed. We should know that there were many volcanoes frequently active on earth in the past. Only Caihong mountain has such a beautiful rainbow color. There must be other factors unknown to us.

2、 Giant Causeway, I believe many people have never heard of this place. Giant Causeway is located about 80 kilometers northwest of Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the Atlantic coast. A total of about 40000 hexagonal stone pillars form an 8 km coast. There are more than 37000 stone pillars extending into the sea.

How did such a spectacular giant Causeway come into being? Scientists believe that they were formed about 50 million years ago. At the end of the Cretaceous, the North Atlantic began to separate from Eurasia, with intense crustal movement and frequent volcanic eruptions. Today, volcanoes along the Inner Hebrides in western Scotland and eastern Northern Ireland are very active. A stream of basalt lava flows out of the cracked crust. As the hot lava cools and contracts, it begins to burst into regular hexagonal shape when it crystallizes.


Giant Causeway coast consists of low tide areas, cliffs, roads leading to the top of the cliffs and a flat land. The average height of the cliff is 100 meters. The lava overflowed five or six times in different periods, thus forming a multi-level structure of the cliff. A large number of basalt columns are arranged to form a stone column forest, which is magnificent. The typical stone column of giant Causeway is about 0.45M wide and 6000m long. Some stone pillars are 6m above the sea level, the highest is about 12M, and a large number of stone pillars are submerged under the water or level with the sea level.

3、 Glass beach, there is a very spectacular and beautiful glass beach in Fort Bragg, California. There are a large number of beautiful and colorful glass stones here. They look like a gem beach, attracting people from all over the world to visit, and many people also pick up these glasses for commemoration.

Some people may say, isn’t this just some glass rubbish? How can it become a beautiful scenery? Yes, this beach is actually the place where people used to dump glass and bottles. But because this place is just beside the beach, after years of waves and sand scouring, these glass wastes have polished their edges and corners, and naturally polished them, thus forming today’s beautiful scenery, and ordinary garbage glass has become a “work of art”. This shows that the power of nature is very magical, it can turn waste into treasure.


4、 Geysers, geysers are intermittent eruptive hot springs, which mostly occur in areas with active volcanic activity. Some people compare it to “underground natural boiler”. In volcanic active areas, the lava makes the formation water into water vapor, and the water vapor rises along the fractures. When the temperature drops below the vaporization point, it condenses into water with high temperature, and erupts once every other period of time to form geysers.

There is a spectacular geyser in the black rock desert of Nevada. It’s an energy company. It’s here to drill geothermal water and form a geyser. After minerals gradually accumulate, some thermophilic organisms and super thermophilic bacteria create this unreal magnificent scene. It can be said that this is a beautiful and spectacular geyser created by man and nature.

5、 Spotted lake, in British Columbia, Canada and Washington state, there is a very beautiful and strange spotted lake. Why is it called? It turns out that when the hot summer comes, the water of mottled lake will evaporate a lot, the minerals in the water will crystallize, and many white rimmed circles will be formed on the surface of the lake. In some shallow pools, due to the different mineral content, the water once appeared dark blue or green.

The color of the lake will change in a year, so you can see beautiful spots whenever you go. Of course, it is only from June to mid September that the minerals at the bottom of the lake are exposed due to the evaporation of the lake water, thus forming many circles, hence the name of spotted lake.


Under the hot summer sun, the lake water evaporates and crystallizes a lot of minerals, forming many white borders and shallow pools. The mineral rich water presents strange colors such as blue and green. The lake water is rich in magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium sulfate and other high concentration minerals, as well as silver and titanium dioxide.

6、 Ghost fire? In chestnut Ridge Park in Buffalo, New York, behind a small waterfall, there is a flame that will never be extinguished. Some people call it “ghost fire”. Of course, it is not the ghost fire we know, but the underground methane has been leaking to the surface and gathering in the space behind a small waterfall.

We all know that methane is a flammable gas, which was ignited by good people more than 100 years ago, and then burned there all the time. Sometimes water will put it out, and a second and third good person will appear to rekindle it and keep it burning. This small strange flame adds a strange landscape to this small waterfall. Every year, many people come here to see this never extinguished “ghost fire”.


I believe many people have never heard of the above six strange landscapes. Are they all very strange? After reading these, we have to sigh about the magic of nature. Nature has created the beautiful ecological environment of the earth, created life and created human beings. However, the activities of human beings are constantly destroying nature, and the natural revenge is also increasing.

When we realize the power and greatness of nature, we should take action to protect the ecological environment and the earth. Only when the ecology is well protected, will nature be kind to human beings and let human beings live on the earth forever. Otherwise, the Revenge of nature will soon make human beings eat evil consequences, and the earth will become a planet unsuitable for human survival. It will be too late to regret at that time.

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