Each of the three theories that people are afraid of in the scientific community makes people think deeply

Mankind is a great wisdom life, and human civilization is a great civilization. It took only millions of years for human beings to evolve from primitive life to intelligent life, which is a miracle of life. It took only a few hundred years for human civilization to develop science and technology from the industrial revolution to go out of the earth to explore the universe, which is another miracle of civilization. The reason why human beings can achieve such brilliant achievements is closely related to human wisdom.

Human intelligence is very powerful, and scientists have big brain holes. They often put forward some theories and conjectures that make people feel incredible. Some theories and conjectures have been constantly proved later, and those that have not been proved may also be correct. With the rapid progress of human science and technology, they may be proved correct one by one. It has to be said that these scientists are very great. Some of the theories they put forward a hundred years ago have now been confirmed. This is the greatness of human beings: foresight. There are some theories that are very famous in the scientific community, and three of them are the most thought-provoking and important to the development of human beings.

The first is the existence of parallel universes. Scientists have long proposed the concept of parallel universes. This is the product of quantum mechanics. Quantum has different states in different worlds. If matter is composed of quantum, there may be quantum parallel universes. In different parallel universes, there are different you. In the present universe, you may be a hard-working worker who comes home late at sunrise every day and works hard for life. In another parallel universe, you may be a super rich second generation, living a luxurious life. You go out every day with bodyguards and luxury cars. Bai Fumei, who marries you, has money that she will never spend in her life.


Some scientists say that the dreams we have in our daily life may not be illusory, but may be the things that happen in the parallel universe. If so, will you feel shocked and scared? Although people will be afraid, once the future of parallel universe is proved to be real, it will be very important for human beings. We must study how to enter the parallel universe, which can bring great impetus to the development of human civilization.

The second is about the theory of constant speed of light. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of an object in the three-dimensional world can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. If this is the case, no matter how hard we work and develop, whether it is thousands of years, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years. The speed limit of a human spaceship is 99.99% of the speed of light.

At this speed, we can only explore some nearby galaxies outside the solar system. The distant galaxies can’t reach, let alone walk out of the Milky way with a diameter of 200000 light-years. Humans will always be closed in a corner of the galaxy, unable to get out of the galaxy, unable to get out of the Virgo Cluster, unable to explore the mysteries of the whole universe. If so, the future of mankind will be at a loss.

However, in the universe, the speed of light and superluminal phenomena actually exist. After the big bang, the expansion speed of the universe exceeded the speed of light. Scientists have also observed matter flying at superluminal speed in the universe, which shows that matter can fly at the speed of light and superluminal speed in the universe. To achieve this, scientists need to open their minds again and break the shackles of the existing physical theory. Only in this way can human science and technology usher in a breakthrough in qualitative change again, and have the hope to go out of the galaxy and explore the mysteries of the whole universe.


The last one is Fermi’s paradox. This theory is to discuss the existence of alien civilization. One point is that aliens do not exist, and human beings are the only civilization in the universe. The other view is that there are alien civilizations in the universe. Perhaps a long time ago, many people thought that only human beings existed in the universe, but with the increasing understanding of the universe and the vastness of the universe, more and more people realized that alien civilization existed.

If the alien civilization really exists, it will pose a threat to the survival of human beings. Although human beings feel very strong, it is only when there is no other alien civilization in the solar system. It is only millions of years since human beings appeared on the earth, and it is only about 6000 years since human civilization was recorded. The Big Bang has a history of 13.8 billion years.

In such a long time, there must be early born intelligent civilizations in the universe. These alien civilizations may have a history of more than billions of years. There is a huge time gap between billions of years and 6000 years. The huge time gap represents a huge power gap. We can’t imagine how powerful an alien civilization that has been developing for billions of years will be. Just as primitive human beings hundreds of thousands of years ago could not imagine how powerful human beings would be now.


If there is such a powerful alien civilization in the universe, the distance of the universe may no longer be a problem. They have already realized interstellar navigation and can freely shuttle through wormholes in the universe. However, the existence of the earth and human beings may have already been exposed. The reason why they do not come to the earth may be that they feel that human beings are too weak, or that alien civilizations have been monitoring the earth. It’s not a good thing for humans. I’m afraid to think about it.

The above three theories are very important to human beings. Any breakthrough will make a great progress in human civilization. I believe these three theories will be verified and breakthrough one by one in the future. Human civilization will stand at the top of the universe and become the advanced civilization of the universe.

Guys, what do you think of these three theories? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions and opinions.

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