Earth “brother” appeared, covering 5000 meters thick glacier, scientists are very happy!

Earth “brother” appeared, covering 5000 meters thick glacier, scientists are very happy!

Emigration to outer space is a long-awaited dream of mankind, which has not been realized so far and has too many limitations. The earth is recognized as the only home, and the earth is the most outstanding in terms of environment and resources. Compared with the moon and Mars, the earth has a unique geographical position in the sky. At the same time, it is rich in sunlight, water, oxygen and other resources, which supply the growth of countless creatures. Before the birth of human beings, many new species emerged on the earth. Due to the change of environment, many species went to extinction, and some species have new branches, and they are all members of nature.

In recent years, the earth’s environment has undergone tremendous changes. Global warming has become an urgent problem, which has sounded an alarm to mankind. Scientists are speeding up the pace of finding a second home. Fortunately, their efforts are not in vain. With the concerted efforts of experts, we finally found a planet rich in resources, which is called Europa. Europa is considered the most suitable planet for migration. What’s the matter? Earth “brother” appeared, covering 5000 meters thick glacier, scientists are very happy!

What’s Europa’s environment like?

It is understood that Europa’s environment is mild, even better than the Earth’s. its surface is covered by ice. Not surprisingly, the bottom layer is an ocean. For all living things, water is the source of life. As long as we find the existence of liquid water, we will have the conditions for the birth of life. In further exploration, scientists also found that there is a thin atmosphere on Europa, which contains oxygen. This discovery makes experts very happy.

Oxygen is an important resource to maintain breathing. If a life enters the deoxidation environment, it will suffocate to death. Now that it is known that there is liquid water oxygen on Europa, the possibility of its existence is greatly increased, which provides more favorable conditions for exploring extraterrestrial life. In 2016, NASA announced a major discovery, an eruption of water vapor on Europa. Its surface is covered with 5000 meters of ice. Under the ice, there is at least a 50 km deep sea ice layer, as well as water, heat, organic compounds, etc. all the environments meet the biological standards.

Is life possible on Europa?

In the course of the study, scientists judged that the life form here may be relatively low-grade, and whether humans can migrate to Europa is still a big question mark. After all, the environment on Europa is so good that there is no guarantee that no other life will ever exist. In general, Europa’s environment is cold, and its resources are more abundant than that of the earth. Its day time is much longer than that of the earth. If you want to move here, you need more efforts. Only by overcoming these obstacles can you move to Europa.

At present, there are still many limitations that need to be solved. With the existing scientific and technological strength, we must first build a super light speed spacecraft to reach Europa quickly, otherwise we will not be able to understand the specific conditions on Europa. In addition, we need to know if there are other extraterrestrial life on Europa. If there is, human beings still don’t think about this mind. What do you know about Europa? You can leave a message for interaction.

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