Earth out of “big things”, a series of problems follow, scientists can do nothing!

Is the earth changing quietly? Once the scene of vitality, or because of human become the past!

The problem of global overpopulation has been perplexing scientists. Overpopulation will lead to a series of problems, such as land shortage, resource shortage and so on. These are the top priorities. Many scientists speculate that if the population continues to grow, the earth’s resources will be exhausted one day, and the arrival of the sixth mass extinction will be accelerated. As we all know, the earth is made up of seven parts of the ocean and three parts of the land, of which the ocean accounts for the vast majority.

In many sea water, there are very few fresh water resources that can be used. It must be refined and filtered countless times to become the water that people can drink. Although there are three parts of the earth’s land, not all of them are habitable. The living conditions of human beings are very harsh, not only the environment with suitable temperature, but also the water, oxygen and other resources. Is the earth changing quietly? Once the scene of vitality, or because of human become the past!

Since entering the era of science and technology, human beings have done a lot of meaningful things by relying on the power of science and technology. At the same time, they are frequently destroying the earth. In particular, human behavior is extremely bad, such as air pollution, marine pollution, global warming and so on. If human beings do not control their own behavior, the future will be worrying. A person needs to absorb enough oxygen and emit carbon dioxide every day. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants, and then forms a series of cycles through photosynthesis, so as to have a complete ecosystem. Scientists are worried about the shortage of these resources. After a period of time, human beings may no longer exist.

The impact of global warming

Global warming is a very serious problem. It not only makes the sea level rise, but also melts the dust laden permafrost. Many ancient creatures have been buried for a long time. Scientists have found many bacteria and viruses in their research. If they are completely released, the consequences will be unimaginable. In the final analysis, all these are caused by human beings. There was a diver diving deep into the sea, originally full of expectations, but found something unclean, that is, plastic waste.

These plastic wastes are hard to degrade particles. Once absorbed into the body by marine organisms, they will not only prolong the life span, but also endanger life. Moreover, these particles will continue to swim in the next life body, and the endless cycle has no end. These are problems worthy of attention, but many people don’t think so. Human beings claim to be the master of the earth, but all their actions have been harming the earth. The earth bears too much load, and it can not experience so many blows. Now the earth is punishing human beings, and the rise of sea level has flooded human settlements and made them homeless.

Want to change today’s problems, human control of their own behavior, inadvertent behavior will cause damage to the earth, which everyone does not want to see, we and the earth even as one, as long as one side is damaged, the other side will not be better, for our common home, everyone should establish a sense of protection, cherish every plant on the earth, do not easily waste resources . What do you think when you see all the problems facing the earth today? You can leave a message for interaction.

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