“Egyptian pyramid” found near China? Built 1000 years earlier than Egyptian civilization!

Pyramids are famous all over the world. Almost everyone knows the existence of pyramids, and even knows some unsolved mysteries about pyramids, such as the mystery of immortality in pyramids, the mystery of pyramid construction, and the mystery of pyramid curse, etc. But when it comes to pyramids, you can think of nothing more than Egyptian pyramids or Mayan pyramids. It must be hard to think of a pyramid found near China. Xiaobian is neither boastful nor “pirated”. Even its construction date is 1000 years earlier than Egyptian civilization. Xiaobian will take you to have a look.


Egyptian pyramids can be called “miracles”. Human beings have been studying for so many years and have not yet worked out how the pyramids came from. However, scientists may not have time to study how the pyramids came from Egypt, because another pyramid was found in Kazakhstan near China in 2017, and even the unearthed cultural relics in the pyramids belong to the bronze age, so it is difficult to calculate About 1000 years earlier than the Egyptian pyramids.

Unfortunately, this pyramid has become a “ruin” due to its long history. According to the research of scientists, the pyramid should have been built before 3500 BC, which was a time when tribes gathered together. According to the unearthed cultural relics, it is likely to be the tomb of a powerful tribal leader at that time.


But how was such a pyramid built before 3500 B.C? Experts can’t think of it as if they saw the pyramid of Egypt again. Remember Shanhaijing? Many people think that Shanhaijing is a book recording ancient myths and stories, but many “strange animals” recorded in Shanhaijing are gradually discovered by people. There is another sentence in Shanhaijing


Yujuezhi, Sanren and Sanju are regarded as the platform of the emperors. North of Kunlun, east of Rouli.

This should be the earliest record of pyramids in China.


But do you know how many pyramids there are in the world? In addition to the pyramids of Egypt and Maya, scientists have also found traces of pyramids in France, Malaysia and even the seabed. Can we say that in ancient times, mankind was highly civilized and the whole world was unified, and all liked to build pyramids? Or is it really a masterpiece of aliens?


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