Eight real powers are being studied all over the world, one of which can go back in time

1. Bully naked mole: in medicine, we are very interested in naked mole, because naked mole has extremely high resistance to cancer. In addition, naked mole’s skin has no pain nerve similar to human’s, so they don’t transmit pain to brain, so they can’t feel pain naturally.


2. Water bear: water bear is famous for its strong adaptability. It can be called one of the strongest creatures in nature. It is difficult or almost impossible to put it to death. We often think that mice have the strongest adaptability to the environment, but water bears have stronger adaptability than mice. They can survive in the temperature of – 272 ° C to 150 ° C, pressure of 40000 kPa and high radiation environment. Even if they are sent into space for more than 30 days without eating or drinking, and even live in a vacuum, their lives will not be in danger.


3. Wolverine – Rana robusta: Rana robusta is also known as Rana robusta, Rana fracture and Rana hirsuta. When they face threats, they will stick out sharp thorns from their skin like wolverine, which can be used as weapons or claws. Later, it was found that Rana robusta will break its foot bones when in danger, so it is called Wolverine of animal kingdom.


4. Oratosquilla, also known as mantis shrimp, is a kind of natural power. They can use their powerful forefeet to hit hard at a speed of 85 km / h, which can directly penetrate the hard shell of crabs. So in the breeding of mantis shrimp, scientists can only raise them in thick and hard plastic cages, because large species of mantis shrimp can easily break through the glass aquarium, but a small shrimp has such magic power, which is amazing.


5. Back in time – Lighthouse jellyfish: it’s like transformers in movies and TV series, and lighthouse jellyfish also has the ability of deformation. Its initial form is a hydrozoan colony formed by floating wave larvae, and finally grows into a jellyfish form. When faced with attack, exposure to harsh environment, illness or aging, it can “reverse” the form of Hydra and form a new group, making it immortal.


6. Master of Camouflage – mimicry octopus: mimicry octopus is famous for its powerful imitation ability. It can be disguised as a variety of creatures including sea snake, Sebastes coir, snake tail, flounder, fish, Anemone, jellyfish, lionfish and Squilla. It can also easily change skin color and texture, and quickly integrate into the surrounding environment.


7. Electromagnetic expert platypus: it is the only mammal that can lay eggs. It has a peculiar appearance, including duck beak, beaver tail and otter foot. But what is amazing is that they have the sixth sense electromagnetic positioning ability, which can sense the dynamics of electronic signals and electronic magnetic fields at all levels, so as to stay away from crisis.


8. Qin bird: we all know that many birds can make many strange sounds, and even imitate all kinds of sounds. The Qin bird is more powerful than all kinds of birds. It can imitate almost all kinds of sounds, including the sound of electric saw, fire alarm, camera shutter and even train.

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