Einstein admitted: there is an energy source outside science in the universe, which is well known to us!

On March 14, Hawking, the greatest physicist of our time, died. Do we remember the birthday of Einstein, another equally great physicist. Is this a coincidence? Is it an agreement in the dark? It is said that the great men who left us would gather together to hold a seminar. We, their admirers, would like to discuss the mysterious and powerful power mentioned by Einstein in a letter to his daughter today.

It is said that this force is the motive force of the universe and an endless source of energy, but so far scientists have not found a reasonable explanation for this force.


Galileo’s achievements in physics in the 15th century laid a theoretical foundation for Newton’s theory of matter. Modern Einstein found the theory of relativity on the shoulders of a giant. He was also the founder of quantum theory and the atomic bomb. It can be said that Einstein 140’s high intelligence created many discourses, but in the editor’s view, Einstein is really the most praiseworthy One of his discoveries is that it can be called the first driving force of the universe, an invisible force of the most powerful force, and a force “love” that surrounds us every day.

The chivalrous general theory of relativity and quantum theory are abstract in the eyes of ordinary people. What is “love”? Love is more abstract than any theory that can be defined.

Love does not play any role in actual production activities.


Love doesn’t work in scientific creation either.

Love is useless in the great transformation of the vast universe.


What is the power of love? What is love?

Love in everyone’s own definition must be multifarious, each has its own merits. Love, in the editor’s mind, is:

In the long history of mankind, a force to promote people’s progress, with love, people from drinking blood to making fire, and then to today’s Internet communication to see this article.


Love, in the editor’s mind, is an invisible attraction between people. Like gravity, let’s follow each other, attract each other, embrace each other, get close to each other, and swear to love each other for a lifetime.

Love, in the editor’s mind, is a light, dispelling the dark, illuminating the future, let us all hand in hand in the world, common progress, common development, create a better earth, let us have the next generation, let us have the future.


This “love” is the most outstanding and great power discovered by the great Einstein, and is Einstein’s greatest contribution to our mankind. Please let us make good use of the power of this great infinite love in our hands!

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