Einstein and Newton did not believe in theology in their later years, and the “God” they called was not God

It is called science to classify all kinds of knowledge, and then study and study them according to different subjects to form a complete knowledge system. At this time, it is a knowledge of discovery, invention and creation practice, which is also the general name of the knowledge system for human beings to study, explore and comprehend the changing laws of all things in the universe. Science is an orderly knowledge system that contains testable explanations and forecasts the form and organization of objective things. In fact, we generally refer to science as natural science, not including sociology and thinking. Science is a concrete thing and its objective rules, which includes seeking truth from facts, a lot of practical experience and positivism, and its content involves concrete world outlook and methodology.


There’s always a comparison between science and theology, but there’s no comparison. The supporters of theism will think that God must exist, it designed and built the whole universe and created human beings, so everything we experience is arranged by God, we are just a play, and God or God is the director behind. Atheist advocates believe that God is illusory and nonexistent. They believe that theology originated from religion, and religion came into being because human beings did not understand natural phenomena in the past. However, modern science has also explained those phenomena for us, so God does not exist and does not direct our real life.

In fact, whether science can defeat theology is like a philosophical question. At present, human science and technology have not reached a high enough level. Some questions have always been unreliable conjectures. In the question of science and theology, the universe and God make us argue the most fiercely. Our universe is about 92 billion light-years in diameter. Generally speaking, the age of the universe is only 13.7 billion years, so its range should be only 13.7 billion light-years. But why is there so much more. It’s because the universe expands faster than the speed of light, so the universe can grow so big in this time. What is there in 92 billion light years? No one knows. Hawking, who is highly accomplished in science, thinks that the universe has only the inside but not the outside, and he also thinks that the birth of the universe is out of nothing. There is no saying that God created the universe, that is to say, Hawking does not believe in God.


Einstein and Newton are both on the shoulders of giants of thought. There are many rumors on the Internet that both of them believe in science, but they changed to theology in the end. But is this really the case?


In fact, it is true that Newton believed in theology, but Newton’s “faith” is different from that of devout Christians. It seems that he deliberately put himself in the dark in order to find the light, so that after Newton found the laws of nature, a large number of Christians followed him and believed in Science. And what about love Stan? In Einstein’s manuscript, he once solemnly declared that he was not a Christian, and the “God” in his words was just a code name.

Perhaps the saying that “the end of science is theology” is a talk of some theological enthusiasts. Everyone can have his own point of view. Although little is known about Xiaobian, according to our current knowledge, science is more reliable!

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