Einstein burned his notes before he died. Why did Tesla do the same?

Hundreds of years ago, with the bell of the first industrial revolution ringing, it declared that mankind has officially entered the road of scientific and technological development. The power of science and technology is incomparably powerful. It is with the help of science and technology that human beings can continuously enhance the strength of civilization and go out of the earth to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Although the power of science and technology is extremely powerful, it needs a lot of scientific theories to make science and technology become a reality. The emergence of these scientific theories requires the birth of great scientists. In the development of science and technology for hundreds of years, one or more great scientists will be born in every century. For example, 300 years ago, Newton was born, and his appearance gave mankind classical mechanics.

Without the emergence of classical mechanics, there would be no brilliant physical system or modern advanced science and technology. After Newton, there is the era of Einstein. The great Einstein is no stranger to us. He put forward the great theory of relativity and the equation of mass and energy, which makes human civilization usher in a qualitative leap again.


Einstein can be said to be the greatest physicist in modern times. His theory of relativity affects both modern science and future science. Our current exploration of physics and space-time in the universe is basically based on the theory of relativity. So are there any other great scientists of Einstein’s time? The answer is yes.

In fact, there was a very great scientist before Einstein. His name was Nicolas Tesla. Maybe many people will think of the famous Tesla car when they see the name. Yes, Tesla car was founded in memory of the great scientist Tesla.

Although Tesla is not as famous and great as Einstein, he can be called the greatest scientist in modern times in terms of invention and creation. The alternating current that we use now was invented by Tesla. He also invented many electromagnetic devices. Tesla is not only a physicist, but also a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and so on.

In 1895, he made generator sets for Niagara power station, which is still one of the world’s famous hydropower stations. In 1897, he made Marconi’s radio communication theory come true. In 1898, he built the world’s first radio remote control ship, and the radio remote control technology was patented. In 1899, he invented X-ray photography. Other inventions include: Radio, radar, fax machine, vacuum tube, neon tube, missile navigation, etc.


Tesla has made great contributions to many research fields in his life. He has obtained more than 1000 patents in his life. It can be seen how great it is. The reason why he is not as great as Einstein is that he did not put forward a great scientific theory comparable to the theory of relativity.

No matter Einstein or tersten, they are all the great masters of science that no one in the scientific community can surpass in the past century. But so great two scientists, at the end of their lives, both made the same move, that is to burn down their old age notes. I believe many people know that Einstein burned a lot of notes on his deathbed, which caused a great sensation in the scientific community.

Many people are wondering, what is the purpose of Einstein’s doing this? To know that every manuscript of such a great scientist is very important. It is possible that there will be a great scientific theory, which will guide the progress of human civilization. As we all know, if human science and technology want to really take off, it is not possible to rely on the number of scientists. The key is to have a great scientist like Einstein and Tesla.


When Einstein burned his notes in his later years, there were many speculations. Some people speculated that Einstein might be studying more powerful nuclear weapons in his later years. As we all know, Einstein was the founder of nuclear weapons, and he also participated in the research and development of the atomic bomb. It can be said that Einstein was the core figure in the birth of nuclear weapons.

Although Einstein developed nuclear weapons, he would feel uncomfortable when he saw their great power and destruction of pollution. In his later years, he may be trying to develop stronger nuclear weapons, and he may have succeeded. But in the end, he decided not to publish the manuscript, so as not to bring more disaster to mankind.

Another conjecture: Einstein may have developed a time machine in his later years. According to the theory of relativity, space-time can be distorted, so the theoretical basis of relativity is that time stops or even reverses. In this respect, no one is more authoritative than Einstein. Einstein’s scientific research in his whole life is basically based on the theory of relativity, so his research in his later years will not leave this aspect.

It is possible that Einstein had a more powerful research result on space-time through the theory of relativity, which may be related to the time machine. But Einstein understood that once the time machine was realized, it might be a disaster for human beings. No one knows more about the terrible consequences of the chaos of time and space than Einstein. So I burned the movie.


So what’s the purpose of Tesla’s burning his old age notes? There are also several guesses about the reasons. One is that the terrible electromagnetic weapons may have been developed when the time was too late. You should know that no one can surpass his research and exploration in the field of electromagnetism. He once carried out an artificial lightning experiment in his laboratory, which also caused a strong earthquake around him.

Before his death, he had been studying the dead light weapon. Some people may have heard about the legend of the dead light weapon, which is a very powerful and terrible electromagnetic weapon. After his death, the United States has been looking for relevant information in this regard, but in the end it did not get it. Some people speculate that the notes burned by Tesla before his death will be the research materials about dead light weapons? If so, we should really thank Tesla, because once such a weapon is born, it is not a good news for mankind.

In addition, Tesla Tesla also designed an “aircraft without wings, ailerons, propellers and other external devices.” Its flying speed is extremely high, and its endurance and drive are realized completely through reaction. It can be controlled both mechanically and wirelessly. After installing certain devices, it can launch missiles to hit the predetermined target thousands of miles away with great accuracy. “.


I believe many people have thought of this kind of aircraft. Yes, it is a very mysterious flying saucer. It’s just that Tesla only provided design drawings, but no finished products appeared. Some people speculate that the unidentified flying saucer in the world now may be the secret aircraft developed by the United States according to the design drawings left by Tesla at that time.

No matter what, patriotic Stan and Tesla burn their own notes in their later years, it is a huge mystery. We just guess the reason behind it. Maybe only they know the specific truth. Since they choose to burn these notes, it shows that these notes are very important.

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