Einstein conjectured that time may not exist at all, everything is caused by human memory

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Everyone is dealing with time every day and every moment. We go to work on time every day, the sun rises and sets regularly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and so on. In the eyes of many people, time is not mysterious, because we are influenced by time all the time.

But in the eyes of scientists, time is perhaps the most mysterious thing in the universe. Scientists have already begun to explore and study space, and have made some achievements. But for time, we have no way to start, space we can see, through some experiments to verify some things. But time, we can’t see, we can’t touch, we can’t prove anything by experiment.

Maybe someone will say that the seconds, hours and days we are in contact with are not time? In fact, this kind of time is only defined by human beings, 24 hours a day, 60 seconds an hour and so on. These are all customized time for convenience and better survival. If there are many alien civilizations in the universe, then each civilization may have a different definition of time.


Just ask, different civilizations have different definitions of time. Which is the real essence of time in the universe? We may think that the time defined by alien civilization is wrong, and the time defined by human is the truth of the universe. But in the same way, alien civilizations will also think that their definition of time is the essence of time, and human’s definition of time is wrong.

Everyone thinks that their definition of time is correct and is the essence of cosmic time, which is a manifestation of subjective consciousness. If we stand from an objective point of view, it is possible that the time defined by these intelligent civilizations is wrong and is not the essence of cosmic time. So what is time? For this problem, as early as Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, he also gave his own guess.

Einstein thought that time may not exist at all, everything is caused by human memory, it is memory that deceives us. Human perception of the outside world depends on the collection and analysis of various external organs, and then feedback to us through the memory of the brain. We think that time exists. Time exists in the past, present and future, which may be a manifestation of brain memory.

So is time really just a kind of illusory existence? In fact, with the continuous development of human science and technology and the continuous improvement of cognition of the universe, more and more scientists still believe that time is a real thing. However, the essence of cosmic time may be fundamentally different from that of human definition and cognition. Time may exist, but the human definition of time may also be wrong.

Especially after modern scientists put forward string theory, we have another dimension of cognition of the universe. According to string theory, the universe is a multidimensional existence. Where we live is three-dimensional space. The so-called three-dimensional space is a three-dimensional space structure composed of length, width and height. In three-dimensional space, time is not measurable, so we can not prove the existence of time.


Then the space above the three dimensions is the four-dimensional space, and the four-dimensional space adds the dimension of time on the basis of the three dimensions. So in four-dimensional space, time is a quantity that can be seen and measured. It is the length, width and height in our three-dimensional space, which can be measured in detail. Therefore, in the four-dimensional space, time is real because it becomes a dimension of the spatial structure.

Therefore, we can boldly guess that in the four-dimensional space, the past, the present and the future may exist at the same time. They are just like movies in the three-dimensional space, and can see a person’s past, the present and the future at the same time. It is precisely because three-dimensional space time is invisible and immeasurable, so although we can feel the existence of time, we can not really study and explore it.

The space-time that we often mentioned is actually the combination of time and space. Because we are in the three-dimensional universe, we can only see the spatial characteristics and structure of space-time. Einstein’s theory of relativity is also a theory for exploring the mysteries of space and time, but it mainly explores the mysteries of space. In fact, as long as we can uncover the mysteries of space, we are the God of the three-dimensional universe.

In the three-dimensional universe, space is the highest law, which allows us to freely crisscross in every corner of the universe. For example, space hopping and wormhole shuttling in scientists’ conjecture is an application of space, breaking space and achieving superluminal flight. If we want to achieve dimension upgrading, from three dimensions to four or higher dimensions, we need to have a certain understanding of the mystery of time.


Although time is a mysterious and undetectable existence in the three-dimensional world, the power of science is infinite. Neither space nor time can escape from the scope of science, nor surpass science. Therefore, as long as human science and technology can develop rapidly, we believe that we can also touch the essence of time in the future. Even in the three-dimensional universe, we can also explore the mystery of time through the power of science and technology.

Of course, we may not be able to really understand time in three-dimensional space. Only when we enter the space above four dimensions, where time is a visual existence, maybe we can really understand the essence of time at that time. In the three-dimensional space, we only need to be able to preliminarily apply time to realize time shuttle.

Of course, to achieve such a goal is still too far away for human beings. We have not yet made clear the mystery of space, and the complexity of time is far beyond space. Therefore, as long as we become a powerful interstellar civilization in the universe and can cross the universe, it may be possible to explore the mystery of time, and then enter a higher dimension through the power of time. We are looking forward to this day.

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