Einstein destroyed all his notes before he died. What did he find that could not be published?

Einstein, as we all know, has appeared in physics books and Chinese books. He is a well-known physicist and has made remarkable achievements in his life. This genius won the Nobel Prize in physics, established the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity, laid a theoretical foundation for the development of nuclear energy, and ushered in a new era of modern science and technology. Einstein was selected as “the great man of the century” by time magazine, the greatest physicist since Galileo and Newton, which is also recognized by everyone. At first, when Einstein was young, his theory was opposed by many people, including some famous physicists who were skeptical at that time. However, with the development of science, a large number of scientific experiments have proved that the young man’s theory is correct! From then on, Einstein became famous in the scientific world.


Such a genius is indifferent to fame and wealth. He left a will: no obituaries, no funerals, his brain for medical research, body cremation, ashes scattered in unknown rivers, no tombs, no steles. This is Einstein. Don’t be vain before you live, and don’t be sad after you die. Einstein didn’t want to leave anything after his death except his physical research. Even the manuscripts and notes of the latest research were burned before his death. This behavior can’t be understood by the world. Before he died, Einstein said a few words of German, but the nurses only knew English, so it became a mystery for ages.

What was Einstein’s latest discovery that he wanted to cover up by burning manuscripts? Some scientists think it is related to “Rainbow Project”, which is the application of Einstein’s “unified one field theory”, but this theory is not complete and has been withdrawn. Therefore, scientists speculate that Einstein successfully studied this theory in his later years, but destroyed it in order to avoid the emergence of super powerful weapons to destroy peace. In addition, as a developer of nuclear energy, Einstein, who was keen on peace, did not want to see his research used in war, so he burned down his notes on nuclear energy. Some scientists believe that Einstein discovered the ultimate mystery of the universe or the theory and method of crossing time and space in the last stage of his life, but considering that these are not good for human beings, he destroyed them. Others think that the burned notes may be due to Einstein’s data errors, and they don’t want to leave them, so as to prevent future generations from following the errors.


No matter why Einstein didn’t want to leave those manuscript notes, his contribution to science is undeniable. With the progress of science, those burned notes will not stop us on the road of exploring science. As long as we are still moving forward, we will find more than Einstein one day!


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