Einstein had a genius above him. He mastered calculus at the age of 8, but his life was mediocre

How could Einstein’s colleagues be so talented?

The development of the 20th century is very surprising. From the previous farming to the present artificial AI farming for you, or the rapid development of science and technology, the vigorous development of technology, all these are inseparable from the theoretical support of scientists. When it comes to scientists, Einstein is the most famous scientist in the 20th century. After all, in people’s eyes, he is a genius. Basically, everyone who knows him calls him the greatest and smartest scientist in the 20th century, but none of them is.

As long as Einstein is mentioned, his theory and great contribution are self-evident. History books will also help people remember him. But when it comes to intelligence, he is not the most intelligent scientist.

Some essays record that there is such a person around Einstein who can catch up with and surpass him in intelligence. This person is still his colleague, but it is not unknown that his name is not as loud as Einstein. However, at the Institute for advanced studies in Princeton, everyone recognized that this person is the most intelligent, and even won the Nobel Prize in physics If you want to be smart, who is he?


Ordinary genius, let a person sigh

This researcher has been regarded as a genius since he was a child, because he has the ability to never forget and the unusual talent of mathematics. At the age of 6, he was able to teach himself and use mental arithmetic to calculate 8-digit division. At the age of 8, he completely mastered calculus, and at the age of 12, he understood the most important meaning of Blaire’s theory of function, which is not common for ordinary children today But when he was in college, he was forced to reach an agreement with his father and finally went to study chemistry. However, every year, he would go to another university to take his favorite math exam. He had never heard of any class taught in the University, but he got the big prize A doctor’s degree in science. A PhD in mathematics, of course.

How high is his mathematical attainments? According to another colleague at the Princeton Institute, if the computer had to work out the results overnight, the researcher would only need half an hour of mental calculation.

This can not help but sigh, only such attainments will have such a peak.

Uncover the mystery of strange man and his research system


This great researcher is John von Neumann. His most outstanding contribution is to establish the von Neumann system.

Von Neumann system is very familiar to people majoring in mathematics and information. It is the most advanced theory in the field of computer operating system, so he is also known as the father of computer. At present, the operating system structure proposed by scientists in the computer field in 2020 still can not surpass the theory proposed in the 20th century.

At the same time, game theory is also proposed by him, so we also call it the father of game theory. After becoming famous in the scientific community, he has made more contributions. For example, because he has a deep mathematical background, he has been valued by various research departments in the United States, and he has even been invited to serve as a consultant of the atomic bomb in the United States, so the contribution of the development of the atomic bomb is not small.

Anyone would be surprised to see it here, but heaven envies talents. This great scientist completely left the world at the age of 54 due to suffering from illness, leaving people with his unfinished works and infinite regret.


I hope everyone can remember that it is because of the unremitting efforts and dedication of scientists that we have this beautiful and rapidly developing era. Human beings should always revere science and put science in the first place instead of some strange Internet Celebrities and eye-catching gimmicks. I hope everyone can stick to their own position.

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