Einstein has made two predictions, one has been realized, the other is controversial!

Einstein has made two predictions, one has been realized, the other is controversial!


The brain is the most prominent organ in all the structures of the human body, and human thinking problems all originate from the brain. It is because of the brain that we can distinguish human beings from other creatures. We all think through the brain. Everyone’s intelligence quotient and thinking are different from the moment of birth. Some people’s brains are very intelligent, while others are relatively stupid. But this kind of stupidity is not born, and can be cultivated through the efforts of the day after tomorrow.


Everyone must know Einstein. Einstein has amazing wisdom. His brain is something everyone wants to have. He has made too many contributions to the world, such as the theory of relativity and quantum theory. He has high attainments in many fields such as science and physics. His various ideas also refresh the inherent cognition of human beings and make a huge sensation in the world . Einstein has made two predictions, one has been realized, the other is controversial!


When Einstein first put forward the theory of relativity, it was just a scientific hypothesis without substantial proof, which caused many people’s conjecture. Since the development of human science and technology to a new stage, these theories have been gradually confirmed. During Einstein’s lifetime, he also put forward two major predictions, each of which is related to human history, one of which has been realized, and the other has been realized One big prediction is on the way, so which two are it?


First, gravitational waves. In the theory of relativity, it is proposed that all things in the world have gravity. The existence of gravity leads to the bending of space-time, and the bending of space-time will produce waves, which will be transmitted to the outside world by radiation. Although many scientists do not believe in the existence of gravitational waves, until 2016, some scientists detected the gravitational wave signal, which proves once again that Einstein’s prediction is true and credible, and the gravitational wave is not true It’s a non-existent matter, and it really exists in the universe.


The second prediction is that human beings will not be able to cross. If crossing can be realized, then the world will change, but Einstein does not think so. He has always believed that human beings can cross time and space, and the best way to cross time and space is wormhole. Just proving its real existence means that human beings are likely to have the ability to penetrate shuttle. In a certain sense, wormhole is very likely to exist, as long as it can be smoothly penetrated The more you travel, the more time you travel.


In Einstein’s cognition, he felt that the universe was vast and there were too many unknown possibilities. He only needed to find a secret channel to connect with the wormhole to cross it. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet discovered the existence of the wormhole. Now these predictions are confirmed one by one. Although the wormhole has not been found, human beings are still working hard until the level of science and technology develops to a new level Stage, perhaps all these predictions can be confirmed. What’s your opinion on Einstein’s two predictions? You can leave a message for interaction.

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