Einstein is recognized as a genius. Why are almost all his children crazy? The reason is thought-provoking

When it comes to the great scientists in the history of mankind, several great men, such as Newton, Tesla, Einstein and so on, will flash across our minds. It is precisely because of their existence that human beings have the present intelligence and convenience. And now the development of science and technology to this stage, and these addicted to scientific research, different from ordinary scientists have an inseparable relationship.


Some scientists not only have been at the forefront of research, but also have been cultivating their own children and guiding them on the road of science after they get married and have children. Although not all scientists have this kind of situation, it is not a case that they have been influenced by their families since childhood. After accumulating enough foundation and having some experience and ideas, the children of these scientists follow their parents on their old way and continue to search and explore a new world instead of them.

Newton, the great scientist we all know, never married or had children in his whole life in order to better complete scientific research and pursue what he was looking for. Another great scientist, known as the genius Einstein, not only has two marriages and three children, but also has a relatively rich emotional history. Unfortunately, although Einstein is recognized as a genius, his children almost all have some mental problems. Is there really only a thin line between genius and madman?


Einstein’s eldest son, Hans Einstein, is the most normal of these children. Influenced by his father, he became an engineering professor in a famous American University. Einstein’s second son, Edward Einstein, was ignored by his father because his parents were separated. He gradually developed schizophrenia, which was very serious when he was found, and then suffered from the disease. Einstein also had an illegitimate child, her name was lizer. The child suffered from serious mental illness at birth, and Einstein never met his child. As for how his daughter was later, no one knew except his mother.


In terms of psychology, everyone has some big and small mental problems. In foreign countries, there is a special survey for famous people and scholars. The experimental results show that only 7.5% of these celebrities are healthy. In addition to some slight disorders, more than 80% of them are judged to be extremely mentally disordered! And among them are Einstein, Van Gogh, Hitler, Beethoven and other giants. From this point of view, there is really only a thin line between genius and madman.

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