Einstein left many predictions, only it, scientists do not want to become a reality!

Einstein left many predictions, only it, scientists do not want to become a reality!


Countless great scientists have been born in history. Each scientist has left behind his famous theory or invention. Their contribution to the scientific community has been praised by the world. Many people think that the brain of scientists is more intelligent than that of normal people. In fact, everyone’s brain development level is similar, but it doesn’t stimulate the potential in the brain, and many abilities are limited. Speaking of Einstein, he left a deep impression on people. He had fluffy hair and looked sloppy, but it did not affect his intelligence and made outstanding contributions to science.


The most unforgettable thing is Einstein’s theory of relativity, which directly left Newton’s view of absolute space-time far behind and provided more ideas for future generations. Not only the theory of leaving behind, but also put forward a variety of predictions. The predictions are concise and comprehensive, and there are a lot of uncertain factors in guessing what will happen in the future. Einstein’s predictions are coming true one by one, which makes people doubt his predictive ability and make him compete with the Maya. Einstein left many predictions, only it, scientists do not want to become a reality!


Confirmation of Einstein’s gravitational wave


We are widely known as gravitational waves, black holes and so on. In 2015, some scientists detected the gravitational wave signal by laser and confirmed the existence of gravitational wave predicted by Einstein. As for the black hole, it’s a bit unpredictable. Einstein thought that if human beings can find the existence of black hole and shuttle back and forth in space, black hole is a kind of invisible material, so it’s difficult to locate its location. To be precise, black holes are classified.


Black holes fall into three categories


The first is the primary black hole, which has a very small mass. It may have been formed in the early days of the big bang and existed in the vast universe. The second kind is stellar black hole, whose mass is much larger than that of the original black hole. It gradually evolves to the later stage of life, and then through the supernova explosion, it drops the excess material. The rest is the black hole of the central celestial body. Because of its high density, its escape speed almost exceeds the speed of light, so even the speed of light may not be able to escape from the black hole.


The last is supermassive black holes. According to the research, it may be located in the center of the galaxy, and its mass is much larger than that of the sun, which is more than 400 times, which is unimaginable. In 2019, a picture of a black hole was exposed. This is the first time that human beings have seen a picture of a black hole, which arouses scientists’ strong curiosity. Maybe Einstein had discovered the secret of time and space before he died. When two points of different time and space are connected together, it means crossing time and space.


If we can really realize the crossing, we can go back to the extinction period of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, have a look at what dinosaurs were in front of us, and also understand the origin of life on earth. It’s very anticipated. However, we have ignored the disadvantages. If we go back to the past, it may change the earth today, and the whole world will fall into chaos, with all kinds of consequences to bear. Among Einstein’s numerous predictions, scientists are most worried about black holes, and space-time travel may not be a good thing. How do you understand this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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